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List of Surnames in SC Caste: A List of Scheduled Caste Surnames Used in India

Rashtrapati Bhavan India

In India, Scheduled Caste is commonly known as SC. In last half century or earlier, same surnames are started in use by various communities and caste. The people of Scheduled Caste and community lives in different parts of India. They have reservation in State Government jobs and Central Government jobs. They have also reservation in educational institutes, and colleges as per law.

According to information available, there are 1108 castes under the Scheduled Castes (SC). In this article, we have provided information on Scheduled Caste surnames list including most popularly used and rarely used in India. So, let’s see!

Rashtrapati Bhavan India

Rashtrapati Bhavan India

  • Ajola, Ahlawat, Azad
  • Beradiya, Bag, Bhyan, Bhoi, Bharti, Bhatoa, Bhatti, Bangar,
  • Basra, Bhutta, Badhan, Bhardwaj, Bassan,
  • Chavda, Chauhan, Choudhary, Chhatria, Chumber, Choor
  • Das, Dalabehera, Dehury, Das, Duggal, Dhirana, Dugh
  • Dhanda,
  • Guru, Gomang, Gothwal
  • Hota
  • Ingle
  • Jatav, Jena, Jassal, Janagal,
  • Kamble, Kannojia, Kadam, Kohli, Kataria, Kainth, Kajla
  • Kumar, Kumari, Karra,
  • Lokhande, Lal, Leer
  • Makwana, Meshram, Moharana, Mahalayak, Mehra, Mahay
  • Marwada, Mahto, Mallick, Meghwal, Mehra, Meharda, Mehra, Mahey, Mahi,
  • Nayak, Nag
  • Parmar, Pradhani, Pangi, Palei, Paikaro, Parhi, Pradhani, Paswan, Patil, Pawankar, Plethu
  • Rathod, Rohidas, Raut, Rawat, Rana, Ratti, Ranu, Ram
  • Solanki, Shabar, Sethi, Sahota, Soni, Sohpal, Simk, Sandhu
  • Singh,
  • Tandi
  • Vemula, Valmiki, Virk
  • Waghmare, Walia

About Scheduled Caste

Several caste comes under Scheduled Castes in various states. This information is obtained from Wikipedia and Government sources / websites. A few of the castes are given below:

  • Bangali, Agariya, Dhobi
  • Kalabaz, Karwal, Mazhabi
  • Parahiya, Patari, Sansiya
  • Chamar, Bhangi, Turi, Nadia, Pasi, Mukri, Vankar
  • Garoda, Garo, Balahi, Chikwa, Senva
  • and more.


We are looking for more surnames used in SC caste / community. We will update this article with more surnames. Thank you in advance 🙂

Note: If we have written any incorrect surname, please let us know through comment or an email. We will try to rectify error as soon as possible. Please encourage our work by sharing this article on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Twitter. Thank you very much in advance.

Article first published on January 17, 2020.

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