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Reliance Industries Employees Salaries: Average, Minimum and High

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Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries Employees Salaries is an important topic for most of young talent and experienced persons. The company employs thousands of people in Gujarat plant and across the country. They attract large talent pool from premier institutes and universities, thanks to their good salary and potential. This salary information is based on various data available online and offline. This information is offered only for assumption, no accuracy is claimed.

In this article, we have provided Reliance Industries salary for various designation, and post. So, let’s see!

Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries Employees Salaries: Average, Minimum and High

  • Manager Salary – Rs. 9,10,817 per year (Average), Rs. 255K (Low), Rs. 3475K (High)
  • Graduate Engineering Trainee GET Salary: Rs. 6,65,344 per year (Average), Rs. 301K (Low), Rs. 927K (High)
  • Graduate Engineer Trainee Salary: Rs. 7,05,007 per year (Average), Rs. 299K (Low), Rs. 1055K (High)
  • GET Salary: Rs. 7,25,267 per year (Average), Rs. 279K (Low), Rs. 960K (High)
  • Senior Manager: Rs. 16,34,372/year (Average), Rs. 660K (Low), Rs. 2559 (High)
  • Engineer: Rs. 10,81,771/year (Average), Rs. 589K (Low), Rs. 1738K (High)
  • Intern Salary Per Month: Rs. 24200, Rs. 12K (Low), Rs. 61K (High)
  • Process Engineer: Rs. 9,15,907 per year (Avg.), Rs. 682K Low, Rs. 1445K High
  • General Manager: Rs. 22,98,084 per year (Avg.) Rs. 563K Low, Rs. 4471K High
  • Mechanical Engineer: Rs. 7,66,826 per year (Avg.) Rs. 57K Low, Rs. 1734K High
  • Assistant Manager: Rs. 7,02,332 per year (Avg.) Rs. 299K Low, Rs. 1466K High
  • Maintenance Engineer: Rs. 7,08,949 per year (Avg.) Rs. 518K Low, Rs. 887K High
  • Operations Manager Salary: Rs. 8,67,455 per year (Avg.) Rs. 208K Low, Rs. 1650K High


  • Customer Care Specialist: Rs. 17,990 per month (Avg.), Rs. 9100 – Rs. 29000
  • Recruitment Consultant: Rs. 3,41,256 per year (Avg.), Rs. 97,000 – Rs. 4,69,000
  • Computer Operator: Rs. 19,200 per month (Avg.), Rs. 8000 – 35,000
  • Data Entry Clerk: Rs. 14,999 per month (Avg.), Rs. 8500 – 34 000
  • Quality Assurance Manager: Rs. 7,10,000 per year (avg.), Rs. 1,28,500 – 17,10,000
  • Electrical Technician: Rs. 2,10,000 per year (Avg.), Rs. 97,500 – 6,43,000
  • Assistant Operator: Rs. 12,000 per month (Avg.), Rs. 8500 – Rs. 53,200
  • Maintenance Mechanic: Rs. 4,66,150 per year (Avg.)
  • Chemical Engineer: Rs. 6,75,000 (Avg.), Rs. 304K – Rs. 2.1M
  • IT Manager: Rs. 1,082,156 (Avg.), Rs. 394K – Rs. 2.1M
  • Civil Engineer: Rs. 4,33,460 (Avg.), Rs. 202K – Rs. 1.1M
  • Instrumentation Engineer: Rs. 5,71,400 (Avg.), Rs. 255K – Rs. 1.1M
  • Security Manager: Rs. 7,47,000 (Avg.), Rs. 343K – Rs. 2.1M
  • Research Scientist: Avg Salary Info not available, Rs. 291K – Rs. 2.1M

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Article first published on March 1, 2020.

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