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Best in Wankaner: 5 Incredible Things to Do in Wankaner

Wankaner is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Saurashtra region. It has a wide things to offer to any tourist in the city. The city has a variety of things which attracts domestic as well as International tourists.

Wankaner has a lot of tourists places such as historical royal palace, beautiful dam and so on. So, let’s see here 5 Incredible Things to do in Wankaner for any tourists.

Best in Wankaner: 5 Incredible Things to Do in Wankaner

1. Eat Food at Food Street (Nasta Gali)

There is a separate street for food lovers which is called as “Nasta Gali” in local language. This food street has lots of cabins, food stalls, fast food stalls and so on. On weekends, it is difficult to get your food ordered in short time due to long queues of people at various food stalls. Most of food stalls offers best food as well as best quality.

This street offers variety of foods like pav bhaji, pani puri, pakoda (pakora), dabeli, kutchi dabeli, sings, drinks, sandwich, chinese, punjabi, gujarati, steam dhokla, bread bateka, bhungra bateka and so on.

2. Get blessings from Religious Places (Sacred Places)

Wankaner has so many historical as well as most sacred places. Wankaner was founded by four friends and two were saints i.e. Shahbava and Naga bava. Their temple and dargah are still there in the city and thousands of people go for worship each day to get blessings.

Some of the religious places of Wankaner given here including Muslim/Hindu.

1. Hajrat Shahbava Dargah, Ramchowk area (in the city)
2. Nagabava Mandir (Temple), Pedak Area (in the city)
3. Jadeshwar Mahadev, Approx. 15-18 kms from the downtown
4. Jorawar Pir Dargah, Rasala Road, Opp. Mamlatdar’s Office
5. Hanuman Mandir, Hanuman Sheri (Street), Nr. Chawdi Chowk
6. Jain Derasar, Nr. Chawdi Chowk
7. Miru Miya Bava Dargah, Laxmipara (Khatki para)
8. Momin Shah bava Dargah, Chandrapur Road, Chandrapur
9. Ganjpir Dargah, Amarsar Road, Nr. Amarsar Fatak
10. Gayatri Temple (Mandir), Nr. Tekri
11. Mira Datar Dargah, Nr. Tekri

3. Visit Historical Places/Sites

Wankaner has attached with so many historical events and places. There are lots of movements and big historical personalities visited and stayed in the town. Mahatma Gandhiji’s (India’s Father of Nation) father had been worked here as “Diwan of Wankaner Royal State”.

  • Search Towner on the hills
  • Last Steam Engine situated at Wankaner Railway Station

4. Royal Oasis Heritage Hotel Wankaner

Do you want to enjoy and explore beautiful royal heritage hotel? Then come to Wankaner and enjoy marvelous former summer palace of the Wankaner state. In past (before India’s Independence), the palace was the official summer residence of the royal family of Wankaner. Right now, the palace is converted to heritage hotel. So, let’s enjoy this amazing palace!

5. Ranjit Vilas Palace Wankaner

Ranjit Vilas Palace or simply Royal Palace Wankaner is one of the most beautiful royal palaces in Gujarat and probably in India. However, only known visitors are allowed to visit this palace. Please call the palace office for more information.

Wankaner has also so many things to offer for all types of tourists. So, don’t miss any chance if you are nearby the town. Please let me know if you need further guide on Wankaner because its my home town.

Article Title: Best in Wankaner: 65 Incredible Things to Do in Wankaner