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Holidays in Maldives: Important Things You Must Know Before Your Planning

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The Republic of Maldives or commonly known as Maldives is a popular destination among the island lovers. This is one of the best destinations to spend your Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter holidays. In last three decades, Maldives has seen rapid growth in foreign tourist arrivals. A beautiful and crystal clear island offer everything you need, from beautiful beaches to luxury resort.

Before making your plan go ahead, please consider the following important things when you make your holiday planning in the Maldives. So, let’s see!



1. Think Cost of Reaching from Male Airport to Island Resort

If you are a budget traveller, the cost of reaching specific island resort from Male International Airport is way high (only for far away islands). According to this article, the cost of airport transfer for Sun Island Resort is US$280 per person. This means, US$280 (you) + US$280 (spouse) = US$560, only for airport to your island resort transfer.

This airport transfer cost may be too much for budget travellers. Hence, we are suggesting you to check resorts which are located near Male International Airport. This advice only applies to budget traveller. If you have good budget, you must go for far away island resorts with Overwater Bungalows facility.

Island Resorts in Maldives with Overwater Villas

Island Resorts in Maldives with Overwater Villas

2. Avoid Staying More Than 1 Week in the Maldives

The Maldives is a beautiful destination for everyone. However, staying more than 1 week is not essential to experience all the things. According to our experience, 1 week is sufficient to experience all the necessary things. For example diving, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, and more.

You should follow good tips about islands to get more out of short vacation.

3. Far Away Islands Accessible by Seaplane Transfer and Domestic Flight

Most of the island resorts which are far away from mainland are only accessible by seaplane transfer and domestic flight. To reach there, you need to use seaplane transfer or domestic flight. Both are costly for budget travellers.

A few resorts are charging as much as US$500 (round trip) for seaplane transfer per person. This amount may less or more depending on island resort distance.

Maldives Overwater Villas

Maldives Overwater Villas

4. Extra Charges for Activities

As you know, your hotel reservation only covers your staying charges and a few other things. Your extra activities and other things to do need to be paid in final bill. This may be considered when you plan your journey to the beautiful Maldives. We assure you, every penny spend in the Maldives is worth the experience!

Article first published on January 25, 2020.

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