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4 Best Tourist Places in Morbi including Travel Guide

Morbi is known as ‘Paris’ of Saurashtra in Gujarat state of India. It is fastest growing business hub of the state due to growth of vitrified tiles, mosaic tiles and such other industries in the belt. Thousands of labours get employment from this industry and live their life. It is also lifeline of Morbi city and without it, it can’t survive very well.

Every year, thousands of business persons visit this city for their business trip. Sometime, they wants to know about Morbi and wants to see beautiful tourist attractions of the city in their spare time. We have mentioned most popular and historical tourist attractions of Morbi.

1. Darbargadh Royal Palace

Darbargadh Royal Palace was the official residence of Morbi royal family. This royal palace was converted into heritage hotel and opens for public. It is masterpiece of best architecture and must to visit place in the city.

Darbargadh Royal Palace Morbi

Darbargadh Royal Palace Morbi

2. Lakhdhirji Engineering College (LE College)

LE College is one of the oldest engineering college in the country which was established by the Maharaja of Morbi to promote education in the state. LE College’s building is another European style old architecture.

3. Mani Mandir

Mani Mandir is the great architecture designed for worship of Hindu religious saints and Gods such as Laxmi Narayan, Mahakali, Ramchandraji, Radha-Krishna and Shiva. You can find various images of these saints and lords in the temple. Architecture/Design of Mani Mandir is another marvellous of the century.

Earthquake in 2001 has damaged some parts of the temple and royal family has repaired the architecture with old style by spending good amount on the temple.

4. Nehru Gate

The Nehru Gate was built using Rajput architecture by the Morbi Maharaja (king). There is a central clock tower which bells on every one hour. It is also popular place in the city where thousands of people gather for shopping, get to gather and lots of other activities.

Have you visited any of tourist attraction from the above list of 4 Best Tourist Places in Morbi? Share us your experience.

Article Title: 5 Best Tourist Places in Morbi including Travel Guide