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Top 10 Tomato Producing States in India [States with Highest Tomato Production]

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Tomato Producing States in India

Tomatoes are an essential food in most recipes and dishes. From salads to ketchups and from vegetarian dishes to non-vegetarian recipes, tomatoes are a must. In many countries, it is also considered as a fruit. The sour and tangy taste can make anyone’s mouth water. India is rich in tomato production and last production was recorded to be 3354.47 thousand metric tonnes.

In this article, we shall cover the top 10 tomato producing states in India. Due to various health benefits, tomatoes are largely grown in India. Share with us your favourite recipes from tomato and let us know how important it is in your diet.

Top 10 Tomato Producing States in India [States with Highest Tomato Production]

1. Andhra Pradesh:

The state has been successful in growing various varieties of tomatoes. Thus, AP is the major contributor of tomatoes in India. The state government has massively supported in implementing advanced techniques for tomato growth. The last share was recorded to be 20.2%.

Tomato Producing States in India

Tomato Producing States in India

2. Karnataka:

Karnataka is the second leading tomato producer of India. In some parts of the state, you can buy these at a cheaper price. It is the main occupation for good number of farmers in this state. The total contribution by Karnataka was 11.1% last year. Read further to know the other top states in India based on tomato production.

3. Madhya Pradesh:

Madhya Pradesh is highly appreciated for producing quality tomatoes. The state has gained prominence due to its tasty and quality tomatoes. The state government has supported by launching latest technology in tomato production and the contribution as of last report was 10.6%.

4. Gujarat:

Gujarat is highly known and recognized in tomato production too. Huge varieties of tomatoes are grown here. It is because the soil and fertility is suitable for tomato production and cultivation. The state has supported in exporting these to the fellow states too and the contribution to the country was reported to 6.7%.

Tomato Producing States in India

Tomato Producing States in India

5. Maharashtra:

Maharashtra is the fifth largest tomato producer in India. It is one state where you will find the best and most organic tomatoes in India. We have 5 more states to mention to complete the list of top states in India based on tomato production. But, for now, let us share that Maharashtra’s total share in tomato production is 5.5% of India’s total tomato production.

6. Chhattisgarh:

Chhattisgarh offers quality tomatoes and here too you will find tasty organic tomatoes. Compared to the other states, the cost of tomatoes will be slightly higher due to its perfect taste, quality, and size. The share reported as of last year by this state was 4.5%.

7. Telangana:

Telangana has won many accolades and rewards for tomato production in India. The state shares a large contribution to the total produce of tomatoes of the country. Most portions of tomatoes are shared to the Indian restaurants in Telangana and the share is 4.5% of the country’s share.

8. Haryana

Haryana enjoys the eighth position in the leading states of India in the field. Major amounts of tomatoes are locally consumed in the state. Thus, the state’s share in the country’s total tomato production is less over other states, which is 3.1%.

Tomato Producing States in India

Tomato Producing States in India

9. Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu enjoys equal recognition in tomato production in India. The cost of tomatoes in sale as less compared to other states and thus these are majorly consumed by local people. Due to its fine quality and taste, the state is among-st the 10 largest tomato producing states of India sharing a share of 2.4%.

10. Uttar Pradesh:

The state is last but not the least in the 10 largest tomato producing states of India. The state’s total tomato production share to the country is 2.4% compared to previous years, which was a great achievement.

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Article last re-published on December 14, 2020.