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Top 10 States in India with Highest Diabetes Patients

Diabetes in India

India has been reportedly found with highest number of diabetic cases. The causes and conditions could be different depending on the lifestyle and family history of the patient. As per moneycontrol news trend, India ranks on top for the highest number of diabetes patients in the world.

There are number of states that can be considered as top 10 highest diabetes states in India. We will take a look at these states in this article one after one.

Top 10 Highest Diabetes States in India:

1. Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu is leading on the top and has been calculated with the maximum death rates from diabetes. The state is amongst the richest till date in deaths from diabetes. Tamil Nadu with 13% of urban and 3.5% of rural population is suffering from diabetes.

Diabetes in India

Diabetes in India

2. Punjab:

Punjab is on the second position for its diabetic cases. Dietary risk increased due to blood pressure, high plasma glucose, and family history factors. Punjab is one of the most alarming states in terms of diabetes.

3. Karnataka:

The ratio of deaths from diabetes in people of Karnataka has increased since the recent years. Thus, the state has come to the third position in highest rankings. We have to yet mention the other 7 top states in India based on highest diabetes patients.

4. Kerala:

Some websites and blogs have given Kerala the first position in relation to diabetes. The most cases of diabetes in Kerala fall under 45 to 69 years category. That counts to 19.4% of people suffering from Diabetes.

Diabetes in India

Diabetes in India

5. Gujarat:

Gujarat is on the higher diabetic risk too. With the increasing GDP per capita, the risk of diabetes increases too. That accounts for 7.1% of diabetic cases in Gujarat for India. Keep reading further to complete the top states in India based on highest diabetes patients.

6. Arunachal Pradesh:

Arunachal Pradesh’s GDP is 1870 per capita in US$ and thus, the percentage of diabetes has risen to 5.1. Many cases have been reported where patients have lost lives and many are undergoing medical treatments.

7. Chandigarh:

Chandigarh’s total GDP per capita has been reported to 3433 US$ and you can imagine the alarming ratio of diabetes accordingly. Chandigarh has about 13.6% of prevalence of diabetes. The percentage is making it worse for the medical institutions to set a balance on the same.

8. Tripura:

Tripura too has been reported with 9.1% of its history with diabetes. The GDP is somewhere above 2000 US$. We have two more states to go in the risk factors of 10 largest highest diabetes patients States of India.

9. Maharashtra:

Maharashtra has also reported an alarming percentage of diabetes patients in the state. The state has revealed about 8.4% of prevalence of diabetes in the ratio of GDP reaching 2500 US$.

Diabetes in India

Diabetes in India

10. Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh has reported 8.4% of diabetes prevalence. Various cities have been affected by the illness and many have even lost life from it. This is not the last State as we have some more emerging states in the risk zone with the leading.

Hope you are convinced with the 10 largest highest diabetes patients States of India. Do share your feedback on this article and browse through our blog for more information related to India on different terms.

Article last re-published on October 23, 2020.