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Top 10 Non Veg States in India [States with Highest Non-Veg Population]

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Non Veg States in India

India is a mixed state where you will find people who pure veg and then there are people who only rely on non-veg food. Out of the country, 71.6% of men are non-vegetarian and 70.7% of women are non-vegetarian. We have a list of top 10 non veg states in India that will give you more insight on the non-veg population.

Before we proceed with the non-vegetarian states, let us share with you that you will find only Uttar Pradesh where majority of the region is vegetarian and this the percentage of non-veg eater is very less compared to other states.

Non Veg States in India

Non Veg States in India

Top 10 Non Veg States in India:

1. Telangana:

Telangana is on the top for non-veg eaters. 98.70% of the state’s total population is non-veg. Out of this percentage, 98.8% males and 98.6% of females are non-veg lovers.

2. West Bengal:

West Bengal is on the second position in relation to non-veg population. The state also tops in the list of top states in India based on non-veg. About 98.7% of males and 98.4% of females are non-veg eaters. Bengal is popular for fish and fish recipes.

3. Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh is on the third position no non-vegetarian population. The male numbers with non-veg eating habits are in 98.4% and the female numbers in percentage are 98.1%.

4. Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu is one of the highly demanded places for non-veg lovers. The ratio of non-veg population is 97.8% males and 97.5% females. The state is thus, on the fourth position in the list of top states in India based on non-veg.

Non Veg States in India

Non Veg States in India

5. Kerala:

Kerala enjoys the fifth position for non-veg foodies. The population of non-veg lovers is again divided into males and females. About 97.4% males and 96.6% of females love non-veg food.

6. Odisha:

Odisha is on the sixth position in this list. More number of people is shifting to non-veg food. 97.7% of men and 97.0% of women are non-vegetarians. Read further to know more 4 states in the topic of 10 Largest non-veg States of India.

7. Jharkhand:

Jharkhand enjoys the seventh position for the maximum non-veg food eaters. The percentage of population eating non-veg food is 97.2% males and 96.3% of females.

Non Veg States in India

Non Veg States in India

8. Bihar:

Bihar ranks eighth in the list of 10 Largest non-veg States of India. The last year’s data shows the actual percentage of population gender wise that rely on non-veg meals. For males, it is 93.2% and for females it is recorded to be 91.7%.

9. Chhattisgarh:

Veg is not a staple diet for most people in Chhattisgarh too. 82.7% of males and 81.4% of females are non-vegetarians. The consumption of chicken and eggs are more in this state. Thus, the state ranks ninth compared to the other states of India in non-veg consumption.

10. Assam:

People in Assam are non-veg lovers and crazy for meat. Here, the percentage of female gender in non-veg consumption is more compared to males. 80.2% of womenare non-veg in Assam whereas 78.6% are men.

That is all for now in relation to the non-veg states of India. There are many other states too that are meat, fish, and egg lovers however; the ratio of non-veg eaters is less compared to the above states.

Article last re-published on December 29, 2020.