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Top 10 Muslim Populated States in India [States with Highest Muslim Population]

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Jama Masjid, Delhi

India is a diverse country with many religions residing with different cultures and traditions. Islam is one of the religions in India playing a significant role in the country’s population. As of 2019, the Muslim population counted to be about 205 million. This ratio of population follows Islam in India.

We have a list of top 10 Muslim populated states in India. Islamic people contribute to 14.2% of India’s total population. Let us go through the number of states with major Muslim population in India. Before you begin reading, let us share that these numbers are taken based on the last census reports of India.

Top 10 Muslim Populated States in India [States with Highest Muslim Population]

1. Uttar Pradesh:

UP is on the top with a Muslim population of 19.26% out of total 199,812,341 population. The state’s Muslim population is said to be 38,483,967 as per the last census reports.

Muslims in India

Muslims in India

2. West Bengal:

West Bengal is on the second position for its largest Muslim residents. Major people in West Bengal follow Islam. The census recorded the total population as 91,276,115 out of which the Muslims are 24,654,825 in numbers. The percentage recorded was 27.01% based which was significant.

3. Bihar:

Bihar is on the third rank in the list of top states in India based on Muslim population. The Muslim community comprises of 17,557,809 out of 104,099,452 of total population. It means, total 16.87% of Bihar’s population comprises of Muslims significantly.

4. Maharashtra:

Maharashtra comprises of a major number of Muslim residents too. As per the latest census reports 12,971,152, is the number of total Muslims residing in the state. In simple terms, state’s 11.57% of total population (which is 112,374,333) has Muslims.

5. Assam:

Assam is on the fifth position for its Muslim community with the total number recorded as of 10,679,345. If you talk percentage wise, it was recorded to be 34.22% of Assam’s total populationcomprising of 31,205,576 residents with other castes and religion too.

Muslim Population in India

Muslim Population in India

6. Kerala:

Kerala is also a significant contributor to Muslim community with 8,873,472 sharing 26.56% of India total’s population. The state enjoys the sixth position in the list of top states in India based on Muslim population. The total population of the state is 33,406,061.

7. Jammu and Kashmir:

Jammu and Kashmir covers 68.31% of its land with Muslim majority. Thus, the state marks a significant rise every year in this community. The state’s total population is 12,541,302 out of which 8,567,485 comprises of Muslim residents.

8. Andhra Pradesh:

As per the census, Andhra Pradesh’s Muslim population has risen to 9.56%, which remains in minority compared to other states. Muslims in India are considered to be in minority however; these states have been given great importance by the respective state governments of India. The total population of the state is 84,580,777 out of which 8,082,412 are Muslims.

9. Karnataka:

Amongst the 10 Largest Muslim populated states of India, Karnataka has also seen a rise in Muslim community. The state has 12.92% of Muslim population whichis 7,893,065 out of 61,095,297 total population in numbers.

Jama Masjid, Delhi

Jama Masjid, Delhi

10. Rajasthan:

Rajasthan is also known to have good number of Muslim residents in the state, but remains in minority. As per the census reports, the state comprises of 9.07% of Muslims residing here. The total population for Rajasthan is 68,548,437 out of which 6,215,377 are Muslims in numbers. Thus, it is in the list of 10 largest Muslim populated states of India.

Hope you found this article informative.

Article last re-published on January 1, 2021.