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Top 10 Most Famous States in India [Most Popular Indian States]

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Fame and glory was never a new thing for India. The country enjoys glamor, attention, culture, tradition, heritage, and tourism. Certain states in India are more popular due to its tourist attractions. We have a list of top 10 most famous states in India.

Check these by yourself and let us know which is your most favourite amongst the 10. We bet every state is distinct in its speciality. Let us mention about these based on its attraction, most visited tourists, and special qualities.

Top 10 Most Famous States in India

1. Kashmir:

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder; that’s what exactly Kashmir depicts. Those who understand beauty, Kashmir is the place! It is popular for various reasons, tourist attractions, nature loving mountains, snow, and dried fruits.



2. Rajasthan:

Rajasthan is a very popular state in relation to tourism. Lakhs of tourists come here for a holiday and to understand the culture of India closely. You must visit places like Udaipur, Jaipur, and Jodhpur.

3. Goa:

If there is any place in India for the best nightlife, it has to be Goa. The corners of Goa never sleep. There are full night working clubs, music, sea-food, beaches, and nightlife! Read further and know more about the other 7 interesting top states in India based on popularity.

4. Kerala:

Kerala is one of the most popular states in India as the state is well settled and urbanized. The literacy rate, education system, tourism, health care, and pleasant climate conditions are what make it prominent.

5. Maharashtra:

Maharashtra is on the number 1 position in relation to various subjects such as its GDP, entertainment industry, and safety. The state is popular for tourism and Bollywood industry too. We have 5 more on the list of top states in India based on popularity.

Marine Drive Mumbai

Marine Drive Mumbai

6. Meghalaya:

This state deserves the sixth position as the waterfalls, valleys, and list of adventure activities that one can experience here is out of this world. Thus, Meghalaya has gained huge popularity.

7. Punjab:

Punjab’s beauty, food, and culture cannot be described in words. The place is loaded with many shrines and religious attractions. Moreover, you cannot resist the Sarson ka Saag and Makai ki Roti here.

8. Uttarakhand:

The state is popular for one word – Yoga. It is also referred to as The Yoga Capital of the World, which is in Rishikesh to be specific. Lakhs of hindus visit here for pilgrimage reasons. You will never get bored here. Two more names in the list of 10 Largest famous States of India.

9. Sikkim:

Sikkim has gained immense popularity for being the most organic state in India. The state is loaded with gorgeous lakes and serene valleys. You also get to experience the snow-fed mountains if you go in proper season.

Gangtok Sikkim

Gangtok Sikkim

10. West Bengal:

Kolkatta is the main reason why West Bengal is prominent in India. People in most parts of West Bengal are highly educated. The state is also popular for its vast tea estates and Sunderban National Park.

India is diverse and so are its places. Hope you enjoyed reading about the 10 Largest famous States of India.

Article last re-published on October 27, 2020.