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Top 10 Highest Economy States in India [Most Prosperous States]


Every state’s economic status is rated on the basis of GSDP (gross state domestic product). GSDP is calculated as the sum of the all the values generated by industries state wise. India has rated every state’s economy based with rankings. We have a list of top 10 highest economy states in India.

In this article, we shall go through these top 10 states and discuss their economic position in brief. Do share your experience of the article and let us know how you think about it. Check out these states and their economic growth since last few years.

Top 10 Highest Economy States in India:

1. Maharashtra:

Maharashtra enjoys the top position in its GDP and economic sector. As per the GDP shares, the state has contributed about 10,29,621 crore till 2011 and it has only kept rising.

Marine Drive, Mumbai

Marine Drive, Mumbai

2. Uttar Pradesh:

Believe it or not, UP falls on the second position in the rankings of top states in India based on highest economy. The overall collection of GDP is 595,055 crore from UP. Thus, the state has always enjoyed the limelight on these grounds.

3. Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh has ranked the third position in the list of highest economy states in India. The state is known for various other uprising sectors too. To share the GDP share with you, it is about 588,963 crore.

4. Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu enjoys a contribution of 547,267 GDP in crore to India. The place is amongst the top states in India in its economic growth. Government has also been focussing to develop other areas of businesses in Tamil Nadu.

5. Gujarat:

Gujarat enjoys the fifth position in its GDP growth and economic demand. The state has a contribution of 513,173 which is slowly rising upwards with the current trend. This is yet the beginning in the top states in India based on highest economy.

Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Gandhinagar, Gujarat

6. West Bengal:

West Bengal is known for its highest GDP share. The state has emerged to 473,267 share of contribution in crore to India. This makes it enjoy the sixth position amongst the 10 highest economy states.

7. Karnataka:

Karnataka enjoys the seventh position in the list of India’s top economic states. The total GDP in crore is about 4,05,123. Karnataka has become a well-developed state in various industrial sectors and thus, the state is uprising.

8. Rajasthan:

As per the reports, when Rajasthan began its economic contribution, it began with 82720 and in the recent years it has reached up to 3,23,682 crore of GDP to India.

9. Kerala:

Kerala is enjoying a contribution of 2,76,997 GDP. It is one of the 10 Largest economy States of India. The state is well equipped, economically better, and has highest literacy rate.

10. Delhi:

Delhi has always been in the limelight whether it is political power, education, or economic growth. One of the achievements for Delhi is to achieve the GDP growth of 2,64,496 crore. The number is rising with more employment and development opportunities.



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Article last re-published on October 23, 2020.