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Top 10 Happiest States in India [List of Happiest Indian States]

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Happiest States in India

Happiness is a vague term if you have to describe the nation or its states in particular. By happiness, we do not represent how many people smile or entertain themselves in the respective states. Happiness of the state means, most people residing in that place have jobs, earn well, economy is great, education is best, there is safety, and the environment is protected for carrying out various agricultural activities.

The above are few examples if you have to justify a state’s happiness. Different states have received different rankings based in infrastructure, education, employment, etc… We have a list of names as the top 10 happiest states in India.

Happiest States in India

Happiest States in India

Top 10 Happiest States in India:

1. Kerala:

Before we begin with the explanation of these states, let us remind you that the data of these names is collected based on infrastructure, tourism, education, and lifestyle. Kerala is highly appreciated for its literacy rate and tourism. People are really happy with its progress.

2. Rajasthan:

Rajasthan has stories with histories of the past. The place is known for victories, war, romance, and men of words. Everything is respectful and so beautiful about the place that you cannot deny being happy to be here.

3. Goa:

Goa is flawless in relation to its beaches, nightlife, and people. Everyone who visits here is in happy and happening mood. People take a break from their routine to spend time in Goa. It is one of these reasons why Goa is in the top happy states in India.

4. Punjab:

People in Punjab have an easy lifestyle. The state is highly known for religious places, stories, and nature loving tourist destinations. Punjabis are usually happy-go-lucky, hospitable, and always smiling.

Happiest States

Happiest States

5. Himachal Pradesh:

Who can remain sad when he gets to see Himachal Pradesh’s serene and divine beauty? The hill stations and people residing there are quite by nature; do not indulge into arguments or fights. This makes the state content and peaceful.

6. Uttar Pradesh:

Being rich in agriculture, UP has always paid attention to the growth for more cultivation opportunities. The country is full-fledged with food, culture, and places to visit. Overall, there haven’t been much debates on any risks in relation to well-being of people in UP.

7. Gujarat:

Gujarat is known for religious temples, father of the nation (Mahatma Gandhi), and many other exciting activities. Gandhi already followed non-violence throughout his life and preached the same to its people. Thus, the state is amongst the 10 happiest states of India.

8. Jammu and Kashmir:

Jammu and Kashmir is loaded with waterfalls, valleys, snow-peaked mountains, and lovely climate that are meant to relax and be happy. Despite the riots in some parts of Kashmir, the place has not lost its charm and peace.

Happiest States in India

Happiest States in India

9. Karnataka:

Karnataka is clean, beautiful, and smooth in terms of climate and its infrastructure. The whole state has fresh and clean air that keeps the mind calm.

10. Sikkim:

As per some reports and surveys, Sikkim should be on the top in terms of its happiness. The state has also been declared as safe to live in. People living in and around are happy and healthy.

Hope you now know the 10 happiest states of India.

Article last re-published on November 13, 2020.