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Top 10 Gold Producing States in India [Largest Producers of Gold]

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Gold Producing States

India’s total gold production has been recorded to 1,400,000 kg as of 2017 by United Stated Geological Survey. We all know that gold is a valuable metal and the prices have always risen rather falling in gold. The universal use of this metal has given it world-wide importance and thus, gold can also be treated as a universal currency.

We have a list of top 10 gold producing states in India that will further give you more insight about gold and its existence in India. Before we begin, let us share with you a fact that the Indian Jewellery market predicts that the estimated value of gold by 2021 would be six billion India rupees.

Gold Producing States in India

Gold Producing States in India

Top 10 Gold Producing States in India

1. Karnataka:

Karnataka is one of the biggest gold manufacturers in India. The stat’s own reserves are estimated to be about 17.5 million tonnes, which is 99% of India’s total production. Some of the main areas for gold production in Karnataka are, Kolar, Hassan, Raichur, and Dharward.

2. Andhra Pradesh:

AP is the second major gold producer in India. As per the recent geological survey, the state has produced 37,025 kg of gold and 7.06 MT of ore. Major portion of gold is collected from different rivers in India.

3. Jharkhand:

Jharkhand stands on the third position in gold production of India. The state contributes about 11% of total good produce of India. The state specializes in native and alluvial gold.

4. Kerala:

Kerala extracts gold from the river terraces near Mannarkhat, Chabiyar Puzha, and Ambankadava Puzha. The state specializes in alluvial gold and thus, ranks on the fourth position in the list of top states in India based on gold production.

Gold Producing

Gold Producing

5. Himachal Pradesh:

Although, Himachal Pradesh has little contribution in the gold production, some quantity of gold is collected from the serene rivers of Bilaspur and Shimla.

6. Bihar:

Bihar counts to nearly 44% of gold ore in India. The state is one of the leading gold producers. Read further to know more about the remaining four states in India.

7. Rajasthan:

Rajasthan follows Bihar in terms of gold ore resources as the stats counts to 25% compared to other states in India for gold production. The varieties of gold ornaments in Rajasthan are commendable and people prefer to buy gold jewellery from this state.

8. West Bengal:

Although, the contribution by West Bengal in gold production is relatively low, the state still enjoys an important place in the list of 10 Largest gold producing States of India. The state shares about 3% of its gold ore in India.

Gold Producing States

Gold Producing States

9. Gujarat:

The total production of gold by Gujarat is 5 tonnes in India. There is one more state that is doing well in gold production. Do not miss to read till the end.

10. Tamil Nadu:

Some of the important minerals found in Tamil Nadu include; gold, iron ore, china clay, and more. Tamil Nadu has very minimum share in India’s total gold production as some of the mines are banned by the government. However, that state still holds good value in the country for its little contribution.

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Article last re-published on November 11, 2020.