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Top 10 Egg Producing States in India [Leading Egg Producing Indian States]

Egg Producing States in India

In this article, we shall take you through the top 10 egg producing states in India. Check out the leading states that are known in egg-production. For your quick reference, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, and Haryana are some of the states that have gained prominence in egg production in India.

Apart from the above, there are more to be mentioned and rated. Let us discuss about all the top 10 states in egg production in brief in this article.

Top 10 Egg Producing States in India:

1. Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu is one of the leading eggs producers in India. Eggs have a lot of benefits in consumption and people of Tamil Nadu know it well. Nearly 54.76% of egg production takes place in the state according to the trade report as of 2017.

Egg Producing States in India

Egg Producing States in India

2. Maharashtra:

The total production of eggs in Maharashtra counts to 32.47%. The state is the second largest in egg production. People in Maharashtra consider eggs as one of the staple diet for protein intake. So, Maharashtra is amongst the top states in India based on egg production.

3. Kerala:

Kerala ranks on the third position in terms of egg production. Overall, there are about 50 egg suppliers in India. The survey has mentioned the production of around 12.58%. Eggs are loved by most people in Kerala.

4. Chhattisgarh:

Chhattisgarh has ranked on the fourth position as per the states of 2017. The total production of eggs have accounted to 0.10% of its share. Read further if you wish to know more about the other top states in India based on egg production.

5. West Bengal:

West Bengal enjoys equal attention in the list of states for egg production. The total share was 0.04% for 2017-2018. Did you know; India has more than 50 top egg suppliers that count to nearly 28% of exports from India.

Egg Producing States in India

Egg Producing States in India

6. Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh’s total contribution in egg production is about 0.03%. That does not refrain the state from being amongst the 10 Largest egg producing states of India. There are many health reasons why people rely on eggs in Andhra Pradesh.

7. Delhi:

Delhi’s yearly value of egg production rose to 0.02%. Different types of eggs are exported from Delhi to different states and countries at large.

8. Karnataka:

Karnataka knows all the benefits of egg production in India and this is why it makes all efforts to create a value of 0.01% in total egg production of India.

9. Haryana:

Haryana has also ranked top as per some reports and blogs in the total egg produce of India. The state has enjoyed great share of egg farming and this is in the list of 10 Largest egg producing states of India.

Eggs in India

Eggs in India

10. Telangana:

Last but, not the least, Telangana is also a known contributor in egg production. Do you know that 80% of eggs are produced in traditional and commercial farming style? Only a small percent is taken over by backyard flocks.

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Article last re-published on October 23, 2020.