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Top 10 Cotton Producing States in India: Gujarat Tops in the List

Cotton Production in Gujarat

Cotton production in India has enjoyed greater results every year. There are various states known for carrying out the activity, but we shall talk about the top 10 cotton producing states in India in this article. India is one of the leading cotton producers in the global market.

These states are not only leading producers in cotton but various other agricultural products too that you may see ahead.

Top 10 Cotton Producing States in India [Hub of Cotton Production]

1. Gujarat:

Gujarat is the hub of cotton market. About 95 lakhs bales of cotton are produced annually in this gorgeous state. The percentage of cotton production helps in contributing 30% of total production in India.

Cotton Production in Gujarat

Cotton Production in Gujarat

2. Maharashtra:

Maharashtra enjoys the second position in cotton production. They have various textile companies and quite prominent too. The cotton cultivation is carried on a large scale here due to vast space. About 89 lakh bales of cotton is produced every year.

3. Andhra Pradesh & Telangana:

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana’s name is mentioned together as both contribute to the same amount of cotton production in India. Thus, they both enjoy the third position in the top states in India based on cotton production. Together, they both produce about 6641 thousand tonnes of cotton per year.

4. Karnataka:

The contribution by Karnataka is about 21 lakh bales of cotton. The factors like water and climate are extremely suitable for cotton production in Karnataka.

Cotton Production in Karnataka

Cotton Production in Karnataka

5. Haryana:

Haryana is another highlight enjoying 5th position in cotton production in India. Overall, the yearly produce is about 20-21 lakh bales of cotton. Agriculture is the prime occupation for the same. There are various reasons such as suitable climate and soil for the reason of such high produce.

6. Madhya Pradesh:

Madhya Pradesh is also giving tough competition to other states marking the 6th position I the list of top states in India based on cotton production. About 21 lakh bales of cotton is produced every year and sold to different parts of the market.

7. Rajasthan:

Rajasthan’s contribution has also been marvellous! The state manages to produce about 17-18 lakhs of bales of cotton per year. The mains areas to consider for cotton production include ajmer, jhalawar, bhilwara, hanumangarh, ganganagar, and some more.

8. Punjab:

Punjab has also managed to produce the finest cotton in terms of quality every year. Ludhiana, Faridkot, Mansa, Bhatinda, and Moga are some major parts of Punjab known for cotton production. About 9-10 lakh bales of cotton is produced every year.

9. Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu’s total cotton production contributes to about 5-6 lakh bales of cotton as the climate is suitable for the crop. Thus, it state stands on the 9th position amongst 10 largest cotton producing States of India. Let us check out the last but not the least in the list.

Cotton in Tamil Nadu

Cotton in Tamil Nadu

10. Orissa:

Orissa produces about 3 lakh cotton bales every year for India. Subernpur is highly known for cotton production. With all the above states including Orissa, India has become the leading cotton producers globally.

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Article last re-published on October 14, 2020.