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Top 10 Business Friendly States in India [Business Friendly Destinations]

West Bengal Business Summit

Have you been trying to figure out which state is best in terms of doing business? This article will help you as we have listed down the top 10 business friendly states in India. These states have made the nation proud in terms of its growth economically and productively.

We bet, after this article it will be easier for you to decide your business plan in India.

Check out the List of Top 10 Business Friendly States in India:

1. Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh is rich in resources and minerals. Thus many have eyed to start their venture in this state in India. It ranks top in terms of business growth. This is just the start of top states in India based on business.

2. Telangana:

After Andhra Pradesh, Telangana enjoys the second position in business growth. It has an amazing climate to conduct various business activities. For those seeking business venture start-ups, Telangana is an ideal choice.

3. Gujarat:

Gujarat ranks high in relation to ease of business doing. The government measures, climate condition, labour availability, and subsidies to do business are some major reasons why people are attracted to do business here.

Reliance Refinery Jamnagar

Reliance Refinery Jamnagar

4. Haryana:

Despite the other flaws, Haryana is highly loved for business prospects. It enjoys the 4th position in business growth. As per last year’s rankings, the state has increased to about 98.07%.

5. Jharkhand:

Jharkhand is also a popular business attraction to many business prospects. It has also attained the top achiever rankings with about 97.99 % of business growth. More is to be added in the top states in India based on business.

Bokaro Steel City

Bokaro Steel City

6. Chhattisgarh:

Chhattisgarh enjoys 6th position in business rankings by the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The industrial growth has increased for good raising many employment opportunities.

7. Maharashtra:

Although, this name as come on the 7th place, organizations like NITI Aayog’s ease of doing business have given Maharashtra the first rank for farm business. The state is liberal and has varied employment opportunities in terms of business as well as jobs. Even the entertainment and hospitality industry is working like a boon in this state.

Marine Drive Mumbai

Marine Drive Mumbai

8. Karnataka:

Karnataka is also a noticeable name in the 10 largest business friendly States of India. As per 2018 rankings, Karnataka enjoys the growth of about 97.40%. It is also in the top achievers’ list. Karnataka is also high in literacy rate.

9. West Bengal:

West Bengal is also enjoying 94.70% rankings as per ease of business friendly states’ report. The state is great for many reasons in relation to business from its climate conditions to labour availability. One more to go on the 10 largest business friendly States of India.

West Bengal Business Summit

West Bengal Business Summit

10. Madhya Pradesh:

Many other states are difficult to be left as every state is rich in its resources and suitable for certain type of business. However, if you have to compare with the growth and ease of doing business, Madhya Pradesh also leads in the top achievers. The state enjoys 97.31% business ranking.

Hope you found the article informative and interesting to read. Find out more about the specialities of various states in India in our other articles in the blog.

Article last re-published on October 6, 2020.