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Top 10 Almond Producing States in India


Dried fruits are loved by you and Indian market has gained a huge prominence in its production. Some of the states enjoy rankings being the top 10 almond producing states in India Not only within India, but the country enjoys great attention in the overseas market too for its dried fruit distribution.

Almond holds great importance in the dried fruit market. It is essential for all age groups for good health. Let’s take a look at some of the top states known for producing almonds in India.



Top 10 Almond Producing States in India:

1. Jammu and Kashmir:

Maximum amount of almond production takes places in Jammu and Kashmir. The weather is perfect and climate is suitable for other dried fruits such as walnuts and cashews too. India also enjoys being the number one producer for almonds in overseas market. Jammu alone managed to produce 12.93 (thousands tones), which means 94.45% of almonds in the year 2017-2018.

2. Himachal Pradesh:

The climatic conditions in HP are so perfect that they enjoy great attention in production of almonds. Himachal Pradesh is the second largest producer of almonds in India. If you have to know the total contribution by Himachal Pradesh, it is about 0.76 (000 tones), which means 5.55% of almond production in 2017-2018 on an average.

Almond Production in India

Almond Production in India

3. Maharashtra:

Almonds do not need specific climate to grow and thus they enjoy production throughout the year thus; Maharashtra is also a leading producer of Indian almonds. Indian almonds can bear fruits in warmer climate too.

4. Karnataka:

Karnataka also sells pre-shelled almonds packed and stored to the other markets in different regions. These nuts are good in size and have amazing health benefits. Keep reading further to know the other top states in India based on almond production.

5. Andhra Pradesh:

From anaemia to liver disorders, almond is known to treat various diseases naturally. Due to its health benefits, Andhra Pradesh also focuses on the almond production. Even the seeds of almonds have great demand for its healing properties in various health disorders.

Almonds Wholesale Price in Delhi

Almonds Wholesale Price in Delhi

6. Uttar Pradesh:

Uttar Pradesh is also a major producer of almonds. It enjoys great attention by the national and international market for being in the list of top states in India based on almond production.

7. Kerala:

Kerala, the beautiful green state is also a major producer of almonds due to its suitable climatic conditions. In such climate, almonds enjoy birth throughout the warmer regions of India. There are few more states to mention in the almond production.

8. Tamil Nadu:

Almond farming is enjoyed in a great manner in Tamil Nadu. From planting to care and harvesting, almonds play a great role in this state. Various planting and cultivation methods for almond growth take place in Tamil Nadu.

9. West Bengal:

Almonds are cultivated through various techniques in West Bengal too. Being a prominent energy provider, almonds hold great importance in the West Bengal market. Almond Milk is most popular in similar regions and that increases its demand. There is more to read on the 10 largest almond producing States of India.

10. Gujarat / Rajasthan:

Almond farming in Gujarat /Rajasthan are famous too. Qualities of almonds like Mamra and Qumi similar to Iranian varieties are available at good range and price in Gujarat.

This is all about the some of the 10 largest almond producing States of India.

Article last re-published on September 30, 2020.