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How to Find Work During Studies in the Czech Republic?

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Students finding work

How to Find Work During Studies in the Czech Republic? Part time jobs or summer jobs for students is a regular trend in Czech Republic. Living with a limited budget can quite be a trouble for students. Though there are scholarship seats offered by Czech Universities but not all get the chance to bag  those seats or you might need more to cope with your expenses.

What is the availability of part-time jobs in the Czech Republic? There are few factors that determine your chances of getting part-time opportunities in Czech Republic, like for instance – are you a full time student or your home country.

Find work as a student in the Czech Republic

Find work as a student in the Czech Republic, Photo Credit: Rawpixel .com (left) – arek_malang (right)

There are part time opportunities for Students from EU/EEA or Switzerland as well as Students from Non-EU/EAA Countries, despite of having barriers of language. If you have fluency in Czech language then it always adds to your credit as part time jobs in Czech require the language skills. But you do not have to lose heart as there are part time job opportunities for international students as well who are not aware or are not fluent of the local (Czech) language. Continue scrolling to know more about Job opportunities for students and graduates in the Czech Republic.

Students from EU/EEA or Switzerland

Students who are from Switzerland or bear the citizenship of EU/EEA countries looking for job opportunities down not require any legal permit in Czech Republic. Czech Republic being member country of European Union gives same legal status to students belonging to European countries in Czech Republic as of their National Students.

In simple words, there are no restrictions or requirement of Employee card or Blue Card for students as well as for their families in Czech Republic.

European Union Flag

European Union Flag

Students from Non-EU/EAA Countries

If you are from Non EU/EAA countries, you are on a study visa in Czech Republic which means your main purpose to be in the country is your studies, so you cannot give your work the first priority if it comes in way of your education.

International Students other than those from EU/EAA Countries looking for part time job opportunities in Czech Republic need to have the legal work permit though there are few exceptions to the rule as well, which we will cover here. You need to apply for an employee Card or a Blue Card at any Public Employment Office.

The Employment Card or Blue Card basically is the dual permit to work and reside in Czech Republic. It is being issued for a limited time period or a maximum of period of two years. You can apply for it again once it is expired. Now coming to two exceptions to the rule of getting job opportunities or employment without work permit, let’s read them one by one.

  • Students who are coming to Czech Republic for Distance Learning Education Program or Students Exchange Program does not require any work permit,  provided  they are below or equal to age 26 and their working hours and days are not regular or consecutive. In other words, your performance of work cannot be more than 7 calendar days consecutively or total of 30 days in calendar year.
  • You do not require a legal work permit if you are In Czech Republic for a daily form of education in a degree program certified by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The only obligation which is required in the case is that your Employer needs to notify Regional Office of Public Employment Service about your commencement of work at the workplace.
Students finding work

Students finding work, Photo Credit: GettingSmart .com

How to Find A Job During Studies in the Czech Republic?

If you are planning to work along with studies in Czech Republic, first thing that you can do is to approach the Career Desk or Job Placements Desk at your Universities. There are many employers and firms that contact the universities to find part time or contractual based candidates for placements. Besides you must contact the Faculties, friends, local students or their known for opportunities or ways to get a part time job.

Apart from these, you can also explore job opportunities at popular Job Platforms. You can consider these famous Employment Platforms in Czech Republic- EURES- European Job Mobility Portal, Expats and Employees Offices’ Database. You may also visit one of these through these verified pasted links: