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Indian Railways Safety Tips: Best Tips to Follow While Travelling on Indian Railways

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Indian Railways is third largest rail network in the world. It carries millions of passengers’ everyday throughout the country daily. Majority of person use Indian Railways trains to reach their destination. Main Reason behind this is cheap rates and better availability of trains. Added advantage of train journey is comfortability.

Due to heavy crowd, there will be lots of hurdles during your journey in the train. Main thing is safety and majority of people forget about it. So, let’s have a look at safety tips while travelling on Indian Railways.

1. Safety tips at Railway Platforms

Most of people forget their safety during their short stay at railway platforms. Everyday many people lost their precious life at railway tracks due to their laziness. Often in big cities, people cross railway lines at platform and train crush them like bread butter. So, it is advisable to use only foot over bride (FOB) while changing your platform or going outside railway station. I have written a separate article on railway station platforms tips & guide.

2. Do not eat food from unknown people:

It is often seen that people eat food from unknown people / passengers while travelling in trains. It is very dangerous for your health and wealth. Sometime thieves use medicine which will force you to sleep immediately. After then, thieves get enough time to steal your luggage during your journey in the train. There are also so many thieves who try to use this technique during your waiting at railway platform. So, it is also advisable to do not eat any type of food from unknown people during your stay at platform.

3. Arrive early for tickets

In major cities of India, railway stations ticket windows are full of long queues/lines. If you don’t have reservation tickets, then arrive early to buy tickets.

4. General Advice/Tips

In India, while train arrives at railway platform, most of people consider it as their last train. People rush towards the train to get vacant seats in the general coaches. So, it is advisable to keep yourself secure while boarding in the train.

You will also find hawkers, selling food items. They will also try to board into running train, coolies are next to them. So, it is very difficult for normal passengers to board themselves on the train.

Generally, Indian Railways takes safety measures and steps but sometime passengers failed to obey it. Many people lose their live every year due to their mistake of not following rules/tips.

So, stay safe and follow above tips to make your travel memorable. Happy Journey!