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Indian Republic Day Quiz: Questions and Answers, Mock Test, MCQs, Online Test

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Indian Republic Day Quiz

On January 26, 1950, the Constitution of Indian came into effect and thus, this day is celebrated as Indian Republic Day. On this day, our nation turn into a newly formed republic. With the celebration of the Indian Republic Day, we provide a tribute to India and all the freedom fighters of our nation. Independence Day and Republic Day are considered as most important days for India.

Let us know more about the Indian Republic with the help of the Questions and Answers present in this article. It will also provide General Knowledge for the Kids as well as to all the readers.

Indian Republic Day Quiz

Indian Republic Day Quiz

Answers are in BOLD

#1. Which of these awards is presented during the Republic Day parade?

National Bravery Awards
Red & White Bravery Awards
Padma Bhushan
None of the available

#2. What did the Param Vir Chakra replace when India became a Republic?

Victoria Cross
Elizabeth Cross
Victory Terminals Cross

#3. Who is popularly known as “Father of Indian Constitution?”

Mahatma Gandhi
Lala Lajpat Rai
Indira Gandhi
Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar

#4. How many Gun Salutes are presented to the President on Republic Day

24 gun salutes
21 gun salutes
20 gun salutes
22 gun salutes

#5. The Beating retreat ceremony takes place on?

January 29
January 20
January 23
January 24

#6. The Republic Day parade starts from ……

Red Fort
Vijay Chowk
Rashtrapati Bhavan
India Gate

#7. The Indian constitution was prepared in how many days?

2 years 10 months 15 days
2 years 04 months 20 days
2 years 11 months 18 days
3 years 05 months 14 days

#8. India shows its Military Might on?

Children’s Day
Republic Day
Teachers Day
Gandhi Jayanti

#9. Who takes the salute at the grand parade on Republic Day in New Delhi?

Finance Minister
Foreign Minister
Chief Minister

#10. The ceremony known as ‘Beating Retreat’ is held at…

India Gate
Rashtrapati Bhavan
Vijay Chowk
Red Fort

#11. Who framed the Constitution of India?

Jatin Banerjee
Dr. B R Ambedkar
Ram Manohar Lohia
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

#12. When did India adopt its Constitution?

15th August 1947
9th December 1946
20th February 1947
26th January 1950

#13. Who was the first Chief Guest on the very first Republic Day parade of India in 1950?

King Norodom Sihanouk
King Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah
President Sukarno
King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck

#14. Who was the president of India on first Republic Day?

Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Subhash Chandra Bose
Mahatma Gandhi
APJ Abdul Kalam

#15. How many Force take part in the procession on Republic Day?

Only Indian Navy
Only Indian Air Force
Only Indian Army
All the Above

#16. Indian Constitutions consist of how many articles and schedules?

385 Articles and 8 Schedules
365 Articles and 7 Schedules
395 Articles and 8 Schedules
395 Articles and 6 Schedules

#17. Who unfurls the National Flag in the state capitals on Republic Day?

Finance Minister
Chief Minister
Prime Minister

#18. Who designed Indian Nation Flag?

B.R. Ambedkar
Pingali Venkayya
Jawaharlal Nehru
Bhagat Singh

#19. Which act was replaced by Constitution of India on this Republic Day

Government of United Kingdom Act 1935
Government of India Act 1935
East India Companies Act 1905
Government of Great Britain Act 1935

#20. When was a draft constitution submitted to the Indian Assembly


#21. When does the Republic Day Celebration end

After 4 days
After 3 days
After 5 days
After 10 days

#22. When was the Indian National Flag adopted?

July 22, 1947
July 22, 1950
June 22, 1947
July 12, 1950

Article last re-published on August 7, 2020.