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Indian Navy Quiz: Questions and Answers, Mock Test, MCQs, Online Test

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Indian Navy

In Indian Armed Force, Indian Navy is considered as the naval branch. As,Indian Army protects our mother land from terrorist at the border, Indian Air Force fight through aircraft, similarly, Indian Navy saves our mother land at the time of disaster.

The soldiers of Indian Navy used to sacrifice their life at the time of calamity and war of the peace of the mother land. Here, the list of questions on Indian Navy makes us to know much more about the Indian Navy in detail. The General Knowledge Questions and Answers on Indian Navy will help you for the preparation for your different competitive exams.

Indian Navy

Indian Navy

Answers are in BOLD

#1. When was the Indian Navy founded?


#2. What was the former name given to Indian Navy?

Super Indian Navy
Mighty Indian Navy
Royal Indian Navy
Worthy Indian Navy

#3. Which of these is the current Chief of the Naval Staff?

Jay Rizwan
Aamir Khan
Ali Khan
Sunil Lanba

#4. Which of these is a rank in Indian Navy?

Field Marshall
Air Marshall

#5. When was the Indian Navy titled “Royal Indian Navy”?


#6. How many operational commands is operated by Indian Navy?


#7. What is the rank of officers heading each operational commands?


#8. Which day is observed every year on 4 December to celebrate achievements and role of the naval force to the country?

Indian Navy Day
Indian Maritime Day
Indian Sagar Divas
Indian Army Day

#9. FOWJFAC was launched on 20th June 2016. What does it stand for?

Follow On Watered Jet Fast Attack
Follow On Water Jet Fast Attack
Followed on Water Jet Free Attack
None of the above

#10. Which former Chief of Naval Staff has passed away recently on 16th October 2015?

Admiral R. K. Dhowan
Admiral D. K. Joshi
Admiral R. H. Tahiliani
None of the above

#11. Which of the following Indian Naval Ships, part of the Indian Navy’s Western Fleet based at Mumbai, entered Dubai on 5th Sep’15?

INS Delhi
INS Tabar & INS Trishul
INS Deepak
All of the above

#12. On 3rd Sep’15, in which of the following forces did Delhi High Court allow permanent commission for women?

Indian Navy
Indian Army
Indian Air Force
All of the above

#13. The biennial joint multi-nation Naval exercise held in the Indian Ocean is named – (The exercise was recently held in February 2014).

Yudh Abhyas

#14. Lt Commander Abhilash Tomy of the Indian Navy became the first Indian to complete a solo, unassisted, non-stop circumnavigation of the world in 2013. What was the name of the vessel used by him?

INS Abhay
INS Abhimanyu
INSV Mandovi
INSV Mhadei

#15. At which of the following places is the headquarters of a Naval Command NOT located?


#16. On which of the following dates is the Navy Day celebrated in India?

December 4
February 1
October 8
January 15

#17. In 2013, the Indian Navy inducted the Boeing P-8I Aircraft at Naval Station, Rajali. To serve what purpose the aircraft has been inducted?

Training of Naval pilots
Transport of troops from ships to bases and vice versa
VIP movements of President and other dignitaries
Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance

#18. Which one among the following is the unit raised to protect the naval assets?

Sagar Nigrani Bal
Sagar Suraksha Bal
Sagar Prahari Bal
Sagar Rakshak Bal

#19. Dhanush, a missile inducted into the Indian Navy

is a customized and naval variant of Prithvi missile
cannot carry nuclear warheads
can be launched from an aircraft
has a range of 700 km

#20. Which of the following is India’s first indigenously developed nuclear powered submarine?

INS Sindhurakshak
INS Arihant
INS Vikrant
INS Trikhand

#21. What is the role of Indian Navy Force?

force projection
Naval warfare
All the Above

#22. Who is the supreme commander of Indian Navy?

Prime Minister
None of these

Article last re-published on August 16, 2020.