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PetSmart Mission Statement 2023 | PetSmart Mission & Vision Analysis

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PetSmart Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

PetSmart is an American retail chain that specializes in pet supplies and services. Its mission and vision statements serve as a roadmap for the company’s growth and development. The mission statement of PetSmart emphasizes the importance of pets in our lives and how they contribute to making us better people. It comprises two key components:

Improving lives
Exceeding expectations

PetSmart recognizes the significance of pets in our lives, and its mission is to improve the lives of pets and their owners. The company does this by offering a wide range of pet care products and services, including grooming, training, and veterinary care. PetSmart has made it easy for pet owners to own and take care of their pets by offering everything they need under one roof.

In addition, PetSmart goes above and beyond to exceed the expectations of its customers by organizing fun-filled activities like doggie day camps and training programs. This has made PetSmart the go-to store for pet owners in the U.S and Canada.

Overall, PetSmart’s mission statement is a reflection of its commitment to improving the lives of pets and their owners by offering exceptional products and services.


PetSmart is a leading retail chain in Canada and the U.S., offering a wide range of pet care and pet products to pet owners. With a clear mission and vision statement, the company is focused on improving the lives of pets and their owners. PetSmart’s vision statement emphasizes creating lasting connections between pets and their caregivers to promote more fulfilled lives. The company’s mission statement recognizes the importance of the bond between pets and people and strives to create memorable moments through its pet care and products. PetSmart’s core values, including passion, integrity, teamwork, and respect, further enhance its reputation in the pet care industry. The company’s commitment to finding homes for adoptable pets has resulted in over 8.5 million lasting connections between pets and pet parents.

Core Values

PetSmart’s core value is centered around “caring.” It is the foundation of the organization, and this value is reflected in how it treats its customers and pets. It has built a reputation for being one of the best in the industry due to its emphasis on providing top-quality care for pets and ensuring customer satisfaction. PetSmart believes that by showing care and compassion, they can create lasting relationships and provide an exceptional experience for both pets and their owners.

PetSmart Mission Statement History

PetSmart has not updated its mission statement in 2020 or 2021, and it remains the same.