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FAU Mission Statement 2023 | FAU Mission & Vision Analysis

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FAU (Florida Atlantic University) medical school Mission and Vision Statements Analysis


Florida Atlantic University (FAU) medical school is a newly accredited institution in the United States that has gained the trust of both students and society by prioritizing social well-being and health promotion. Its mission and vision statements have played a crucial role in its achievements by emphasizing transformative leadership within the institution. A corporate vision statement sets a future goal for a company, while the corporate mission statement determines the strategies to achieve that goal.

FAU medical school’s vision statement highlights the importance of focus and determination in the college’s growth. In contrast, its mission statement focuses on care experiences that communities derive from the training the institution provides. FAU medical school also relies on its core values to guide its activities and achieve its mission and vision.

The medical school’s mission statement is “to advance the health and well-being of our community by training future generations of humanistic clinicians and scientists and translating discovery to patient-centered care.” This statement relates to two key components:

Improving health
Improving communities

FAU medical school uses an integrated learning system to provide high-quality training that exposes students to real-life cases to prepare them to serve the public. The institution is well-known for its innovative curriculum that disseminates patient-centered and humanistic care skills, leading to improved health outcomes. The close partnership that FAU medical school has with the healthcare systems within its neighborhood shows that it is committed to contributing to the improvement of society.

Vision Statement

FAU (Florida Atlantic University) medical school has not officially published its vision statement yet. However, the institution declares its dedication to integrating discovery with health care and education to improve the health and well-being of people and populations. The school’s focus on transformative leadership is evident in its commitment to contributing to the vitality of its immediate communities and transforming community-based healthcare. To achieve its vision and goals, FAU medical school has established a well-structured management system and efficient departments that work together.

Core Values

FAU (Florida Atlantic University) medical school has a set of core values that guide its operations towards achieving its mission and vision statements. These values include “innovation, collaboration, compassion, respect, engagement, and lifelong learning.” The institution is dedicated to fostering a culture that promotes these values to create a conducive environment for learning, research, and healthcare provision. The integration of these values has played a vital role in the success of FAU medical school in training future generations of humanistic clinicians and scientists. The institution remains committed to upholding these values to provide its students with the skills and knowledge necessary for their future careers in healthcare.

FAU Mission Statement History

Florida Atlantic University’s (FAU) mission statement has remained unchanged since 2020 and 2021.