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How Different MNCs and Large Corporation Celebrate Christmas

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Google Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is a world famous holiday season around the world. This is a favourite holiday season for everyone. In several countries, popular streets get decorated with lots of designers stickers, trees, coloured lights, and many other things. Thus, it is a good time to make everything Christmas!

Christmas or Happy Holidays is a popular time for large corporations and MNC companies in the US too. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple Inc., Walmart, and several other companies decorate their headquarters and offices in different ways. Let’s see info!

1. Google (Headquartered at Mountain View, California)

Google Celebrate Christmas

Google Celebrate Christmas

Google is a world famous search engine and requires no introduction to anyone. The Googleplex is the corporate headquarters of this large corporation. It is located in Mountain View, California. They have thousands of employees worldwide. However, Google is a very generous company and employees get amazing Christmas gifts.

Over the years, Google employees received expensive gifts. In past, employees received expensive gifts from the company such as LG smartwatches, Google Nexus, Chromebook etc..,

At their headquarters (Mountain View, California), employees get massive Christmas parties.

2. Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is one of the largest private corporations in the United States. Apple’s Christmas gift or also known as annual holiday gift offered to all of its 100,000 employees located around the world. Thus, they keep gift worth small like US$60 customized case backpack in 2014.

Article last re-published on August 23, 2020.