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Riverside Palace and Orchard Palace Gondal: Room Rates, One Night Prices and More

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Orchard Palace Gondal Palace

Looking for a majestic royal accommodation in Gujarat! Heritage Palace Hotels in Gondal is one such stay that will take you back in the majestic era. The beautiful Riverside Palace in Gujarat is built in the year 1875 by Bhagwat Sinhji for his son Youvraj Bhairaji, who was the prince of his dynasty. The Palace has beautiful collection of artifacts from that era. You will feel the essence of the royal heritage which is clearly reflected from the décor of the rooms.

You will find the elegance of European colonial architecture all over the Palace. The living room of the palace has rich antique furniture, paintings, trophies of heads of stuffed animals fixed on the walls which gives a glance into the history of the imperial reign of the Maharaja.

Riverside Palace Gondal

Riverside Palace Gondal

Read further to know about Orchard Palace Gondal Room Tariff plans– the beautiful palace built for prestigious guests of Maharajas, now it is converted into heritage hotel. Also know about Riverside Palace Gondal Room Tariff plans– the beautiful palace converted into heritage hotel, set in garden besides the town’s river.

Riverside Palace and Orchard Palace: One Night Prices

Gondal Heritage Hotel Prices Per Night comes with a slight variation depending upon the season. There are two different tariff plans for two seasons:

For winters (From the month of October to March):

  • Room Tariff for Double Occupancy – Rs 6350/-
  • Lunch charge- Rs 1500/-
  • Dinner- Rs 1500/-
  • Room Tariff for Single Occupancy- Rs 5080/-
  • Lunch charges- Rs 750/-
  • Dinner – Rs 750/-
Orchard Palace Gondal Palace

Orchard Palace Gondal Palace

For summers (From the month of April to September):

  • Room Tariff for Double Occupancy- Rs 5775/-
  • Lunch charge- Rs 1350/-
  • Dinner- Rs 1350/-
  • Room tariff for Single Occupancy- Rs 4620/-
  • Lunch charge- Rs 675/-
  • Dinner- Rs 675/-

There is also a provision for extra bed at Rs 1500.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Make most of your vacation by visiting following popular tourist’s attraction along with your luxurious stay at Gondal Heritage Hotels:

  • Royal Railway carriage of Maharaja
  • Safari Wildlife
  • 17th century Naulakha Palace Museum
  • Vintage Classic Car at Royal Garage
  • Ayurveda Herbal Medicine Pharmacy
  • Khadi textile, threading, weaving and printing
  • Swaminarayana Temple- a popular Hindu Hotel
  • Bird Rich Veri Lake
  • Khambhalida Buddhist Caves
Orchard Palace Gondal Palace

Orchard Palace Gondal Palace

How to Reserve Your Room

Check out our pages to book your accommodation at Heritage Hotels in Gondal to get hassle free and instant bookings. The Heritage Hotels also have a cancellation policy which applies before 48 hours prior to arrival. Further Info for your reference:

  • Phone number: 0091-2825-220002/224550/221950
  • Fax : 0091-2825-223332
  • Email:

All the rooms at these Palace hotels have large attached baths with hot and cold showers, also the roof top offers a glass walled gallery with beautiful views of river. The beautiful 19th Century royal heritage home is maintained by the royal family of Gondal.

Article last re-published on May 26, 2020.