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An Essay on World Wide Web for Students, Kids and Children

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World Wide Web

The World Wide Web commonly known as www was developed in 1992, and its main use is to gather information on the internet. WWW has become one of the most fundamental resources for all people and any project work provided by the schools and colleges can be brilliantly completed by using this programme browser, by doing all the research work.

Teachers introduce the students to the world of www in their early education, in order to help them with their extra education on any subject.

World Wide Web

World Wide Web


The World Wide Web is divided in five components, such as:

1. Internet:It is a global system, where the computer networks and the standard Internet Protocol Suite are interconnected. This network consists of private, public, business, and government networks, which are then linked by a broad assortment of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies.

2. Web Browser:The web browser helps to recover present and traverse information on the World Wide Web. It has become very essential for people who wish to access the World Wide Web through the internet. Moreover, hyperlinks can also be used to navigate web browsers.

3. Hyperlinks:These are those documents which are provided as references for every reader to take help from.

4. Hypertext Documents:Hyperlinks have texts within them, which are known as Hypertext documents. They contain texts, tables and various images, which makes it easier to share required information over internet.

5. Web Pages:These are the documents or information resources, which are accessed through a web browser. Web pages can be seen in HTML or XHTML formats and can be retrieved either through a local computer or by using hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP).


It has become very easy and convenient to use World Wide Web, which can be used only when it is connected to Internet. World Wide Web is helpful for all research works, entertainment and gathers all news which you might have somehow skipped. Using of www to gather any details on the history of the world has become much easier and time saving, in comparison of going to library or loitering at any book store.

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Article Title:An Essay on World Wide Web for Students, Kids and Children
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