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Should English be the National Language of India

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There is no denial from the fact that English has become a global language. Whenever trading or travelling internationally, people prefer English as the first language. Even at home front, English is more acceptable in the southern part of the country than the national language Hindi.

English should be made as an official language of India but it should be at the professional level only, since this will help the country to build relation with foreign countries but being the part of India every Indian should understand Hindi.

English Language Dictionary

English Language Dictionary

Medium of Communication @ International Level

English is the language of global communication, commerce and technology. It is an international language that brings our country closer to the developed West and even to communicate with our own Asian countries or the Middle east or Africans, we need English.

China is taking interest in English lately

India’s success in IT and IT-enabled services owes a lot to our strong base in the language developed from the colonial rule. Even Countries like China understand this and most schoolchildren now are taught their first English lesson in third grade primary school itself.

Universal Language

English is a universal language and most technical books like Engineering, Medical or Management books are basically in English.

Moreover, we cannot limit ourselves to the confines of national boundaries by stressing on making any other language the National Language of India. With so many languages and dialects in the country, English becomes the best bet.

English Importance @ Private Companies in India

The private sector is already embracing English and I bet, anyone can get a job in Private companies without proficiency in English. Even in State or Central government jobs, knowledge of English is essential to progress further in career.

English Content is available more over the Internet

Most of the content produced on the internet, more then (50%) is in English. So knowing English will allow you access to an incredible amount of information which may not be otherwise available!

Negative Impact of Making English as National Language

The huge 96% of the Indian population who is unable to speak the language would feel betrayed if such decision is executed. Learning a language and effectively mastering it is a commendable step but not the enough reason to make it a national language.

One Language Not Fit for All – Critics Says

English is a non-native language, not spoken/understood by a huge number of people. In a country like India with so many diverse cultures and languages, there cannot be one single national language followed by all.

A national language, as the name suggests, must be understood by most of the people of nation. Barely a fraction of Indian population has efficient knowledge of English.

National language can be the one in which culture of the nation is reflected. All the great literature, rites and rituals, historical accounts, mythology etc is in various Indian languages, not in English.

It is against our heritage and culture

One counter view is that Hindi is our language i.e our Heritage. So we should try to preserve it as China did, Chinese even made their compilers in Chinese, so why can’t we do that ? As we are one of the oldest civilizations of the world we can at least try to do every thing in Hindi, let Britishers learn our language !!! Let them take the pains and why we should ?

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