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An Essay on Save Trees for Students, and Children

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A tree dedicates its whole life to the living beings, humans and animals. We do not able to predict life without trees on the earth. So, our children and students must have one common question, How can we save trees? There are several ways to preserve our trees to secure our future generation. We are not saving just trees, we are also saving earth. So, we can use this slogan “Save Trees, Save Earth” to create awareness among the students and kids.

These trees were created by the nature for various purpose. Their importance varies from single thing to several things. A mango tree gives us tasty mangoes and preserve our environment too. There are also several other benefits of this tree.

Save Trees Save Earth

Save Trees Save Earth

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Why we should save trees essay?

It’s like saying, why we need ‘Oxygen’? Trees give us the most essential thing, which is ‘Oxygen’. Without oxygen, humans and other living things can’t survive. If we do not start growing more trees, survival will become tougher decade by decade.

In addition to oxygen, trees are part of our wide industries, including rubber, vegetables, fruits, medicines, and much more. Thus, without trees, we would not able to produce essential medicines. Trees also produce fruits which also gives good energy (vitamins) to our human body.

Biggest Threat to Trees: Which They Are?

The rapid industralization and urbanization are the biggest threats to trees today. A new housing colony, society and commercial space are created by cutting our essential part of life, trees. These constructions are slowly killing trees around the world. Thus, we are digging our own graveyard.

To create space, construct national highways or freeways, and in the name of development, we are cutting down trees at rapid rate. This is an alarming situation for all of us. Trees does not grow at this rapid rate.

In forest area or some village areas, trees wooden are used for cooking. This practice is widely followed in poor and developing countries. This also contributes to threat to trees survival.

Prevent Unwarranted Tree Cutting / Reduce Tree Cutting

By eliminating trees, we are also eliminating various benefits connected with it. If trees cutting is not necessary and can be avoided, we should do it at any cost. A strict law should be created with good implementation.

If someone is doing unjustifiable tree removal, we should raise our voice against it. If they are more powerful than you, try to encourage other people to join you in this movementIf possible, you can also involve local and national media to create awareness among the youth and mass.

Threat to Trees

Threat to Trees

Create Mass Awareness on How to Save Trees

Have to save trees? This question should not only be asked by the students and kids, but by the mass. We need to create mass awareness among the people on saving more trees on regular basis. This is one of of the best ways to save tree at large. Without this awareness, our efforts would not be succeed.

Approach Your Local, State (Province) and National Government

This is one of the best ways to get more attention of common citizens. Create campaigns, and social media awareness among the people to help you to reach out local government, state (province) government and national government for creating effective policy.

In several poor and developing countries, there are no rules for saving trees. Thus, we have to work collectively. Without working in groups, this task can not be completed!

Reduce Use of Paper Towels, Napkins, and Other Products

We all knows that, it is difficult to stop using paper towels, tissues, and napkins at one go. Can’t we reduce its use, at least? This way, we can save millions of trees on regular basis. Please consider the following points:

  • By changing simple habit, by using cloth towels instead of paper towels, we can contribute a lot!
  • In other way, use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins to save more trees!
  • You must avoid paper tissues and start using handkerchiefs. This might save at least millions of trees yearly!

-Essay Ends Here-

Note: This essay can be used as short paragraph on save trees by students, and kids. This essay on save trees can also be used for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and all grades!

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Article last re-published on March 11, 2020. (Original Essay)

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