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An Essay on Leadership Qualities for Students, Kids and Children

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Leadership Qualities

A person, who is a good decision maker, grabs attention of people towards him, and has ability to solve issues efficiently, possesses the quality of being a good leader. Leaders are the most important person of the society and they are born with some special characteristic and skills.

Leadership Qualities

Leadership Qualities

Characteristics of a good leader:

Every leader should have a unique characteristic, which differentiates him from the rest and make him stand out in the crowd.

1. Decision Maker:He should be a good decision maker and he should be capable of taking quick and efficient decision in the shortest time possible.

2. Focus:One of the essential leadership qualities is that he/she should be focussed towards the goal and drives his team towards attaining the targets. He should not get distracted from the competition in the market.

3. Confidence:Good leaders always build in confidence in his team and have the ability to become a competent coach.

4. Transparent:He should be transparent and there should be 100% authenticity in his views and decisions, such that his followers build in complete trust and confidence in him.

5. Inspiration:Leaders are not self-made, but they are inspired by someone or the other and a great inspiration drives your desire to do something passionate.

6. Patience:However tough and difficult the path leading to attaining targets may be, but a good leader has the ability to balance the tough time with patience and possesses a bold vision to reach their goal.

7. Innovation:Innovation is not only essential for success but also for survival, and only the best innovators possess good leadership qualities. Innovation in thought, technology or organization is required to face any kind of challenges, even in difficult situations.

8. Flexible:A good leader should keep his mind open and should always be flexible to cope up with any changes in the business, society or Government laws.

9. Stoicism:He should be stoicism, which means he should accept and anticipate things well in advance.

10. Delegate Responsibility:A good leader should build an ‘overachieving’ team and should encourage his people by delegating responsibility and authority.

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Article Title:An Essay on Leadership Qualities for Students, Kids and Children
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