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An Essay on Jallikattu for Kids, Youth and Students

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Jallikattu or sallikkattu is a popular traditional show, held in Tamil Nadu, India. In this traditional game / culture, a Bos indicus bull / Kangayam breed is released in a large crowd of participants. During the time, a participant tries to grab the bull and the bull attempts to escape it. A human participant tries to hold the bull as long as possible to stop the bull. To win the game, a human participant must ride long enough to remove flags on the bull’s horns.

Controversy of Jallikattu

A few organizations and NGOs have protested against the tradition of ‘Jallikattu’, such as PETA India, and the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations (FIAPO). After the investigation in the case, the Animal Welfare Board of India concluded that “Jallikattu is inherently cruel to animals”.



Protests by People of Tamil Nadu

On May 7, 2014, the Supreme Court of India banned the tradition of “Jallikattu” and struck down the state law in a historical order. The Government of India exempted the ban by passing the special order to allow the tradition. However, the Supreme Court of India again upheld the ban and leading to protests all over the state.

Show in Popular Tamil Movies

Jalikattu is shown in popular Tamil movies, a few of them are given below.

  • Virumaandi
  • Aravaan
  • Cheran Pandiyan
  • Vilaiyaattu Pillai
  • Ilami
  • Rajakumaran
  • Murattu Kaalai
  • Thaikku pin Tharam
  • Kanni Paruvathile
  • Mann Vasanai

Ancient Tradition

It is one of the oldest traditions in India. It is believed to be first played between 400-100 BC. It falls in the category of traditional sport and organized in open ground venue.

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Article Title: An Essay on Jallikattu for Kids, Youth and Students
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