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An Essay on Is Internet Blessing or Curse for Students and Kids

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Internet Blessing or Curse

Internet is one of the best things happened to mankind in the world. It has changed everything around the world.

It triggered civil war, spread humours, increased corruption, decreased corruption, improved the way of education, revolution in finance sector, created a lot of new jobs, vanished many old jobs, and many other things.

Internet Blessing or Curse

Internet Blessing or Curse

Blessings of Internet

Speed of Information

Internet is one of the best medium to transmit information to end users. You could easily hear your leader’s speech, transfer important details in a blink of eye, send important photographs, and much more.

Thanks to Internet, the world is changed now. A lot of new technology has arrived, which eased the way of thinking and spreading the ideas among the masses.

Revolution in Finance Sector

Thanks to Internet, the finance sector is completely revolutionized. An Internet banking is a common word among the young users in every developed countries and developing countries too. Most of national level and state level banks offers internet banking to it’s customers. It is one of the best ways to use the technology.

Watch Streaming of Any Place and Event

Thanks to live streaming facility, people could easily watch the live streaming of many popular places around the world, such as Makkah (Saudi Arabia), Times Square NYC (USA), and many such other places. Many popular events around the world are offered online for streaming. It is one of the most popular facilities, providing by internet and used by millions of people.

Curse of Internet

Spreading Rumours

Due to internet especially social media websites, the speed of spreading rumours is mind blowing and super fast. Due to spreading rumours so fast, the violence increased many folds. Many people lost their lives due to rumours on social media.

Hacking and Information Security

Many internet users are using internet banking but they do not follow common security practices. A few percent of them are vulnerable to exposing their important information, such as internet banking ID and password, important emails, and much more. In past, many a times, bank website is hacked to stole the important information such as debit card, and credit card information.

Article Title: An Essay on Is Internet Blessing or Curse for Students and Kids
Article last re-published on May 4, 2020. Original.