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An Essay on Indian Culture for Students, Kids and Children

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Indian Culture

India is famous for its rich culture and tradition across the world. The most important components of Indian culture are their ideas, beliefs, good manners, social behaviour and etiquettes, rituals, values and customs in the society. India is the only country where different languages are spoken in different corners of the country.

Indian Culture

Indian Culture

What is Culture?

Culture reveals our behaviour with others, positive and gentle reaction to things and a thorough understanding towards values, beliefs, ethics and principles. The older generation passes on their values and cultures to the next generation and so on, and this is how the cultures are inbuilt in current generations as well.

Culture is not only seen in the behaviour of a person, but also in dance, fashion industry, music, food, artistry, dressing style, architecture, etc.


Different religions have their own origin from ancient age, like Hinduism was originated from the Vedas, and the Hindu scriptures was scripted in Sanskrit language. Jainism was originated in the Indus Valley, Buddhism was originated from the teachings of Gautama Buddha and Christianity was brought by the French and Britishers.

Every festival in India is celebrated differently, following their own customs and traditions, according to their own religion. They keep fast, recite ritual songs, decorate their homes, worship and pray to God, take dips in holy water of river Ganga, traditional dressings, prepare festive cuisine and many more of such activities. They celebrate the religious festivals with great enthusiasm and excitement, and enjoy with each other a lot.

National festivals are celebrated as one by merging together on Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, etc.

Our ethnic culture passes on from generation to generation and educates us on behaviour, to show our respect for elders by touching their feet, provide with food and shelter to the helpless and needy persons and treat our guests like God. India has a famous saying ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, which means that any guests who visit our house is a God and we should respect and treat him happily.

Even in this modernized era, where Indian people have adopted western culture to a great extent, yet they have not changed or forgotten their traditions and values.

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Article Title:An Essay on Indian Culture for Students, Kids and Children
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