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An Essay on Halloween for Students, Kids, and Children [Best Essay]

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Halloween and its history

We all know Halloween as an event where people are dressed in unusual costumes, which are scary yet innovative. This day is celebrated on 31 st October of every year, just a day before All Saint’s Day on 1st  November. Halloween is also known as All Hallows Eve, which was its initial name.

From this time of the year, the night’s starts getting colder and people who usually preferred to stay in their homes come out to rejoice with many activities and foods, to welcome the new year of harvest and the All Saint’s day. It is believed that during this time of the year the wall between the alive and the dead becomes blurred and this is the reason for the ghosts to come to earth and play evil.

Halloween Essay

Halloween Essay

Start of Halloween’s treat or trick

Halloween was started long back during the All Souls day parades in England, when the poor used to beg for food and families used to give them soul cakes and ask them to pray for the dead relatives in their family. This was later promoted by the churches, as during this time food and wine used to be left for the souls roaming around.

This was later picked up by the children who used to dress up as ghosts and go to houses to ask for goodies, chocolates and treats.

Dressing traditionally on Halloweens

Halloweens is a great time of the year when everyone is dressed up in a scary way and celebrates the festival. But there is a reason behind getting dressed like ghosts. Almost hundreds of years ago, when winters was a cause of concern due to food supplies going to an all-time low and the days becoming short and cold; ghosts were believed to come down to earth.

People believed that if they wore masks and disguised themselves as ghosts, then they could escape from the real ghosts as they may think of them to be their fellow members. They used to even keep food outside their homes to distract them and prevent them from entering their homes. Such is the history of Halloween and the way they used to celebrate it, since ages.

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Article Title: An Essay on Halloween for Students, Kids, and Children [Best Essay]
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