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An Essay on Christmas for Students, Kids and Children

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Christmas is a popular Christian festival, celebrated around the world. It is an annual festival commemorating the birth of the Jesus Christ on December 25. It’s annual cultural and religious festival, celebrated by more than billion people around the world.

A Christmas is a popular Christian holiday, honouring the birth of the Jesus Christ. The Christmas history dates back to more than two millennia and it is considered as one of the most secular celebrations worldwide. A good number of traditions are being followed each year during this festival.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

When Christmas Celebrated?

It is celebrated every year on 25th of December. It is also known as the Feast day of Christ and celebrated in the honour of birth of Jesus Christ. People visit church and offer prayers to the lord on this day. Christmas is the day of great significance and joy for the Christian community.

Shopping Malls and Centres

A large number of shopping malls and centres becomes busy as December approaches and most them stay open till midnight. A number of people also sing carols to raise money for charity during this festival. In many shopping malls, central speaker system plays Christmas songs ‘Carols’ to entertain guests in a traditional way.

In many European countries, people exchange gifts on Christmas eve i.e. December 24 as the Jesus Christ was born on the night of the 24th. In North America, people exchange gifts on the morning of December 25.

Christmas Parades

Christmas is celebrated around the world and special Christmas Parade are being organised around the world. A lot of charity events are also organised on Christmas to raise funds for noble and social cause.

Best Countries to Celebrate Christmas

United States of America (USA), Australia, United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand, India, Canada, Germany, France, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and a few other countries celebrates Christmas with their own regional traditions.

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Article Title: An Essay on Christmas for Students, Kids and Children
Article last re-published on May 3, 2020.