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An Essay on Child Labour in India for Students, Kids and Children

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Child Labour in India

What is child labour? Child labour is the barbaric act of engaging underage children in labour, either part-time or fulltime. This practice denies the young children their childhood and sometimes even put them under physical risk. India and many other countries have had many child labour cases, where the child has been put to work from quite a small age.

Child Labour in India

Child Labour in India

What are the causes of child labour?

Many children fall into the practice of child labour due to the following reasons

  • To contribute to the income of the family, as they hail from a low income family where every penny counts.
  • Forced by kidnappers or any local gangs, who seek to make easy money
  • Organizations or companies that are looking to save money on their labour costs.
  • Lack of education and skills due to lack of basic facilities

There are minuscule reasons where others exploit the innocence of the kids to make dishonest money and while doing so, they abuse the children both physical and mentally, hence scarring them for life.

Why child labour must be stopped?

Child labour is not just an inhumane act, but it’s also a great violation of basic human rights of education and freedom of choice. This practice not only affects the children but has a lasting effect on Indian economy. A country’s economy, especially of a developing country like India depends greatly on the skill of its younger generation citizens. If the children of today are educated and unharmed by the harmful effects of child labour, then the future of India remains bright.

How to stop child labour in India?

A few of the solutions to stop child labour in India are:

  • By enforcing strict laws that make child labour a highly punishable crime.
  • Educating the general public about the barbarities and harms of child labour.
  • Making education available free for children from poor families
  • Increasing job opportunities of adults, thereby eradicating poverty and need of child labour
  • Owners of organization, companies, factories etc. must be on regular surveillance for any acts of child labour.

Working is a great way of developing personality, but killing a child’s innocence, education and future to do so is an abdominal crime. So, stop child labour in India.

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Article Title:An Essay on Child Labour in India for Students, Kids and Children
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