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Best Relocation Companies in Prague: Which are the best relocation agencies in Prague?

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Relocation Services

Prague is becoming more and more popular among the expats in Europe. To cater the needs of expats influx, several companies have been formed and created by the local experts. They are helping the foreigners to settle in Prague in a quick and easy manner.

It is quite difficult for many people to find perfect and good relocation services company in new country. A good relocation company gives you hassle-free service at reasonable rates. They gives you various services including finding an apartment, preparing your application for visa, preparing other legal documents, and such other related work. To make your work more easy in finding such relocation companies in Prague, we have compiled a small list of it. So, let’s see!

Relocation Services

Relocation Services, Photo Credit: GEP


It is one of the most popular relocation agencies in Prague. As they claims, they make you feel like home in the Czech Republic. According to their official website, the company helped more than 4000 clients with satisfaction. The company has 6 offices in the Czech Republic and 1 office in the Slovak Republic. They offer every service needed in the relocation to a new country.

In their portfolio, the company offered their services to the employees of giant companies such as Honeywell, IBM, Zebra, Red Hat, Siemens, AT&T, ABB, DHL, HCL, and many others.

2. Move to Prague Relocation Services

This is another good relocation agency located in Prague. They offer various services to the clients including relocation service, rent or buy a flat in Prague, trade license (ŽIVNO), special deals, visa assistance, medical insurance, employee cards, and some other things. The company is run by the two founders, Jan and Daria.

“Each team member is a true adventurer”, they claims on their official website. The co-founders are also knowledgeable  about various things happening in the Czech Republic and the European Union. So, it is a plus point!

3. 4exapts

It is another great agency in Prague offering good relocation services. They are rated good on various review websites by the clients. The company claims their services as fast, custom tailored, and efficient. They are good in providing relocation services, US taxes, visa application processing assistance, and some other things.

The charges are affordable and not so much expensive for their services. Some of their services are, trade license, employee card, EU family member temporary residency, long-stay visa assistance, EU permanent residence, and few other things. Their office is located in Prague 2.

4. Kentic

KENTIC is one of the good relocation services agencies in Prague. The company offers quick, cost-effective, and professional services in Prague and Central Bohemia region. The company offer their services to the individual persons, and corporate clients.

KENTIC helps you in various things such as expat visa, real estate rentals, relocation services, insurance services, and purchasing real estate property. Their office is located in Praha 1.