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How to Land a Job Abroad from India [Best Tips and Guide]

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Apple Inc Headquarters

In India, the number of people seeking job abroad are increasing year over year. They are expecting good salary and job satisfaction abroad compared to India. At this time, millions of Indian workers and professionals are working in the Middle East, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada, and a few other countries and continents.

In last two decades, online websites are established to submit your resume and proceed further. However, this is not easy to be selected in any good multinational company around the world. Let’s check our best tips on how to land a job abroad from India.

Apple Inc Headquarters

Apple Inc Headquarters

1. Concentrate on Destination

It is one of the most important things which should comes to your mind. I want to settle abroad, but which destination? Be careful in selecting destination. Are you interested to settle in the Middle East, Europe, United States or elsewhere? Note down positive and negative points for each destination. Take decision based on your likes and dislikes.

United States is a popular destination among the IT professionals and software engineers, thanks to large IT and software related companies headquartered in the US.

2. Submit Resumes to Online Job Sites

As you are looking for job abroad from India, your best bat should be online job sites. Prepare your resume with best things and expertise. You should submit your resume to popular job sites online of your choice.

  • NaukriGulf, GulfTalent, Bayt (for Jobs in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait)
  • Indeed,, LinkedIn (for Jobs in the United States of America)
  •,, (For Jobs in Canada)

3. Check for Particular Company Jobs Section

If you are looking for job opportunities in particular / specific company, check their job section to find out latest available opportunitiesIt is one of the best ways to approach any company around the world. Most of companies especially MNCs have their own job board or job section to showcase available jobs. Do not forget to check their “Careers” page too. They also list available jobs in career page too.

So, best of luck for your job opportunity finding abroad from India!