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Zivno Visa for the Czech Republic: How to Apply, Documents Requirements and More

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If you are planning to move to Czech Republic to work, you need Zivnostensky Visa or in simple words work permit. Zivnostensky Visa, Czech freelancer visa or Zivno Visa for the Czech Republic are all basically one name or term for long term visa which is required to stay and work in Czech Republic. Zivno Visa for the Czech Republic should not be confused with immigration to Czech Republic rather it can be stated as Czech freelancer visa which allows you to work and stay legally in Czech Republic.

Zivno Visa for the Czech Republic is mainly obtained by those who wish to work as a freelancer in Czech Republic and this why it is also referred to as self-employed visa for the Czech Republic. Mostly self employed professionals like IT specialists, Artists or Teachers apply for Zivno Visa for the Czech Republic. So, if you are looking for the self-employed visa for the Czech Republic and not sure of Zivno visa requirements and process, the coming sections of this article may get you all the answers to your What, Where and How’s.

Zivno Visa

Zivno Visa

What is zivno visa? Let’s understand term

Let’s get more clarity about – What is Zivno Visa for the Czech Republic?  In Czech Republic, term Zivnotensky means the legal permit which is required to work in Czech Republic. It is also called as long term business visa and allows you to stay and work as a freelancer in Czech Republic officially or legally.

If you have the Zivno Visa then it means you are not working as a regular full time employee for a particular firm but you can send bill of your services to your employer firm or individual on monthly basis for your rendered services.

Who can apply for zivno visa?

Zivno Visa for the Czech Republic is required by all international citizens or non-EU citizens who are planning to move to Czech Republic to work on freelance basis or to settle down their own business firm in Czech Republic.

If you are teacher, an IT professional, Artist or any other freelance professional and seeking work opportunity in Czech Republic, you need to apply for Zivno Visa.

Freelance Visa in Czech Republic

Freelance Visa in Czech Republic

Easy for everyone to get it?

The answer to this is a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’. Let’s tell you how and why? Zivno Visa if applied by English teachers or professionals from countries like America, Canada, Australia, South Africa is comparatively easy to get. The reason behind this is the language, if the native language of your country is English it is much easier for you to get Zivno Visa.

For countries like  Russia, India or any other where the native language is not English, but their own regional language, Zivno Visa is a bit complicated to get. It is a little difficult but not impossible and in both the cases you have to go through the process with proper preparation.

Zivno Visa: How to Apply for It?

To get self-employed visa for the Czech Republic, firstly you need to approach the Czech Embassy. The Czech Embassy you choose should be based in your home country or in the country where you are residing or having a permanent resident permit. This rule is applicable to mostly all the nationalities.

But individuals belonging to countries like America, Mexico, Australia, Canada and more can apply for Zivno Visa through Czech Embassy based in any part of the world. To get more clarity on which category your country falls in, you can visit the link given here: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Prague CZ

Prague CZ, Photo Credit: Planetware

Let’s explore step by step procedure of applying for the Zivno visa

So, let’s get to the step by step procedure for applying for Zivno Visa:

1. Apply for Visa at the Czech Embassy; you can refer the list (link given above) to know from which Czech Embassy you can apply and also if bookings are open at the chosen Czech Embassy. .

2. You need to gather all the documents which are a must to have for Zivno Visa. You can get the brief of the documentation in the next section of this article.

3. Immigration Interview- you need to prep yourself for the immigration interview at the Embassy. Generally the questions asked are about your purpose to visit, educational qualification, work experience and know-how’s of Czech Republic systems (social Security, Healthcare, Tax)

4. Next step is to give the interview at Embassy and submission of your Zivno Visa Application.

5. After the interview you will have to wait for the approval. Generally as per immigration laws, you get the approval within 90 to 120 working days. In some cases you may get it earlier within 2 weeks or it may extend for longer too, so do not worry.

6. The process to get Zivno Visa is a little complicated so you may be asked to furbish few additional papers other than the basic required papers or you may have to go through an additional interview. It all depends on the decision of Ministry of the Interior (MOI) who is responsible and authorized to take visa decisions.

7. Once your Zivno Visa is approved, you have to go and collect it from Embassy. Here you will need the Czech Health Insurance certificate too.

8. Activation of Zivno Visa, you need to register for Income tax and at Healthcare and Social Security Center (as per the applied area).

Zivno Visa Document Requirements

Coming to the documentation required to apply for Zivno Visa, read here:

  1. Zivno Visa Application form
  2. Two Passport Sized Photographs.
  3. Passport (note: passport must have two blank pages and should bear the validity of next 1 to 5 years) Also, passport should not be older than 10 years.
  4. Proof of Accommodation- you need to submit a legal proof or your residence arrangement being made at Czech Republic. This document is a little troublesome to get but that’s how it is.
  5. Proof of Funds- as per visa guidelines you need to maintain funds amounting to minimum of 124500 CZK in the bank account.
  6. You need to submit the trade license or the supporting documents in favor of your purpose to visit.
  7. You need Heath Insurance supporting papers at the time of collection of Visa. This rule may be different for different nationalities or age groups, so you need to check it before.
  8. Criminal background check document is required.
  9. Lastly, you may have to go through a medical check or health certificate may be required. This step is not mandatory during all procedures but you need to arrange if asked.