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10 Most Romantic Places in Mumbai [Best Places for Couples and Lovers in Mumbai]

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Beautiful climate, wonderful beaches and romantic places are the biggest god gift to Mumbai. There are many places where memorable time can be spent with your loved one. Mumbai has everything, from entertainment place to beautiful beaches, budget hotels to luxury hotels, and theme park to historical places. So, let’s have a look at the list of romantic places in Mumbai to enjoy your next date with your loved one.

1. Marine Drive

Marine Drive is the most famous landmark of Mumbai and it is C shaped. This place is full of crowd daily, still it is the best place for lovers and no one would disturb you. You would find lovers spend hours and hours in this beautiful place. They enjoy the beauty of the sea, take a long walk holding hands and make quiet talk between them. The sunset of this place is astounding which one should enjoy it.

2. Bandra Bandstand

Bandra Bandstand is located in Bandra West. It is widely known as the lover’s point. All the age group couple visit this place and spends beautiful time with their loved one. It is an excellent sea location where lovers sit on the rock watching each other, in the pleasant breeze. This place is always amazing to visit in any season but monsoon is the best time to visit this beautiful place. It is also one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Mumbai.

3. Juhu Chowpatty Beach

Juhu beach is one of the best beaches in Mumbai. All the people have fun here. It is the best place for all age group and to have food like chat masala and barfi gola which is the specialty of this place. This place is a perfect destination for lovers and perfect place for first date as the weather is very romantic here. Thes sunset of Juhu beach should be enjoyed together because the sunset on Juhu beach is adorable and beautiful.

4. Versova – Rocky Beach

Versova beach is located in Andheri, which is unstructured and famous as lover’s point. This place is crowd free and free from business activities. This is the best thing which gives space to couples to enjoy time within themselves, enjoy sunset and a pleasant breeze together.

5. Narimal Point

Narimal Point is the best place for couples which have quite evening, free from traffics. A walk on Narimal Point with your partner is the best moments spent together. Coconut juice at the Nariman Point is the best refreshment of your walk. It has an excellent seafront which can blow the mind of the viewer. It is also one of the most visited romantic places in Mumbai.

6. Aksa Beach

Aksa beach is located in Aksa village at Malad Mumbai. It is a very passive place and freshens the mind. It is the famous place to spend time with lover. Love birds mostly visit this place on weekends to spend time together. It has many hotels and cottages. To make a date memorable, this beach should be preferred first. It is considered as one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Mumbai.

7. Mumbai Chhota Kashmir

Chhota Kashmir is located in Goregaon East. Earlier this place was for family outing, but now it is a famous place for couples. Lovers spent beautiful time here. It has many boats, lotus pond, colourful garden and many more places to have peace of mind and relax with your loved one. This place is famous picnic spot and tourist attraction.

8. Arnala Beach

Arnala beach is located in Virar, Mumbai. It is a famous place for couples and honeymooners. The surrounded area of this beach has several rest houses and resorts which gives beautiful scenes and amazing climate. Couples can enjoy beauty of this beach and spend memorable time together.

9. Madh Island Beach

Madh Island Beach is located on the northwest coast of Mumbai. It is the cleanest beach and considered as one of the most beautiful romantic places in Mumbai. The beach is famous for elite parties. It has surrounding from mangroves which adds the beauty to this place.

10. Worli Sea Face

Worli Sea Face is the best romantic place in Mumbai to spend your evening with your lover or spouse. It is a good place for walk with your loved one. Huge sea waves and tides comes up on the road side which is an amazing view. It is the best place to experience the monsoon of Mumbai. It is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Mumbai.