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How do I file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General

How do I file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General? What does the Office of the Attorney General do? The Office of the Attorney General offers legal guidance to all state boards and agencies and provides legal opinions in response to the request from the Governor, heads of state agencies, and other functionaries and commissions.

The major purpose is to defend infractions of state law and legal actions caused against both state agencies and specific state employees. Do you have a complaint that requires the intervention of the Texas Attorney General? Let’s find out in detail- How do I file a complaint with the Attorney General?

Texas Attorney General

Texas Attorney General, Image Credit: WhisperToMe

How to file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General

To file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General, we have compiled a list of steps you can follow. Let’s see!

Step 1: You may visit the website of your state’s Attorney General to learn more regarding the services they provide. State AG websites often provide a plethora of details about consumer rights and what to do if a company or individual violates those rights. There are also plenty of resources that are available that you might use to settle your disagreement or conflict.

Step 2: The second step is to collect all relevant supporting documentation, such as leases, contracts, letters, invoices, marketing materials, or maybe receipts. If you have any images or videos connected to the conflict, you may also take those.

Step 3: You may visit the Attorney General’s Website and fill out the complaint form provided there. You can also send complaints in written form by mail but an online complaint form is the recommended portal. Please fill in your contact information and the contact info of the defaulter company or individual properly.

You need to specify the nature and detail of the complaint and what kind of resolution you are expecting. Try to provide all the interactions or dispute-related documents and if you are not able to upload them, mention them in your complaint description.

Step 4: After your complaint is registered, you will be contacted by one of the agents or representatives of the Attorney General’s Office. You need to brief the exact issue to the Agent. Generally, it takes a few weeks time to hear from the Attorney General’s office, based on their schedules and workload. Once your complaint is registered you will be informed how you will be contacted by the AG office. It could be over a phone call or email.

On the basis of the nature of the complaint, the agent will decide the future course of action. If it can be handled directly by them, they may approach the default company directly or may forward the case to the government agency which can directly take over the proceedings.

Step 5: You will have to cooperate with the AG with the proceedings against the defaulter company (whatsoever maybe are required). The AG’s Office also offers a mediator service, basically a person or mediator who will contact both the companies (you and the defaulter company) to come to a compromise that suits or matches your expected or preferred resolution.

Contact Info

In this section, we have provided a few important phone lines that you may need to file a complaint over the phone:
• Consumer Protection Hotline:1-800-621-0508.
• Attorney General, Office 512) 463-2100.
• Crime Victims: (800) 983-9933.
• Consumer Protection: (800) 621-0508.
• Toll-Free: (800) 252-8011.
• Child Support Enforcement: (800) 252-8014.
• Open Government Hotline: (877) 673-6839.
• Press Office: (512) 463-2050/(512) 475-2994.