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10 Best Cities to Live in US, Best Places to Live in USA

United States has been a country for the immigrants – skilled workforce from every nook and corner of the world has made this country as their own home land. The crowd has also brought the growth to the country and today, the below cities bear testimony to the fact that USA is indeed a welcome arena for the Native Americans and the immigrants to thrive and live to their fullest. Let’s have a glance at how they have grabbed the limelight.

10 Best Cities to Live in US, Best Places to Live in USA

1. Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester is one of the best cities to live in US. A slow and steady rise to top this list has been Rochester’s growth in the past decade. Numerous factors such as the economic boom resulting in new opportunities, good health care and the best schools in the proximity have aided to this marathon. However, the top notch reason is believed to be the affordable housing available for the people who throng the city.

2. Bellevue, Washington

Nature lovers who wish to live in the suburbs of Seattle, have settled down largely in this city. The amenities with education, a good amount of outdoor recreation options have helped Bellevue retain its position in the list. A multi-cultural ambience is what you would witness when you walk around the parks.

3. Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is included in the list of best cities to live in US. Hovering around the top three to five cities on this list is Madison, with its dominant student population. The top-rated health care and education systems in the city are attracting the population. With a balance of minorities who have settled here, you get the feel of the perfect vibe of urban-suburban lifestyle.

4. Santa Barbara, California

Sunny beaches attracts many a tourists to this city. When tourism is strong, your economy is good. A better economy also boosts healthcare and education systems. One would vouch to spend their time in a coastal city with a good weather and with several outdoor recreation options.

5. Boulder, Colorado

Seasonal recreation activities invite people to visit and stay in the city of Boulder. With mountains, rocks and hills that are a treat to the eye, the residents of the city are privileged with pristine natural ambience that is stress free and pollution free.

6. Palo Alto, California

One of the developed places with the easy access to technology, like high-speed internet, Palo Alto attracts a lot of people. Besides, the education systems with the highly rated schools are spoken highly of. Do note that the livability is high when measured for the city. Palo Alto is a centre of technology of the US. It is included at the sixth place in our list of best cities to live in US.

7. Bismarck, North Dakota

If you are nature lover and loves eco-friendly commuting options, then pack your bags and come down to Bismarck. The long bike trails and a greenery filled ambience is a treat to the eyes. One mustn’t forget the affordable housing options with good healthcare that is available for the residents.

8. Ann Arbor, Michigan

The major attraction, the University of Michigan, has been wooing a lot of students to settle here. So, education certainly scores high amidst other key areas such as culture and economy. Restaurants, nature parks, and shops are added attractions.

9. Iowa City, Iowa

Another city with highly ranked schools and a great health care system, Iowa City is putting up a tough fight to the other nine on this list. Affordable home prices also seem to welcome new residents, who can also experiment a large assortment of arts and entertainment.

10. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Nature scores the best, isn’t it? With more than 70 parks and greenways, this is also one of the most sought after places. It doesn’t stop with nature –healthcare, education and a big number of shopping malls welcome you!

Watch out for the areas that benefit you and your family. Time spent in a great neighborhood, holds your children!

Article Title: 10 Best Cities to Live in US, Best Places to Live in USA

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